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Suggestive ways of learning Spanish in Spain

"Roxanne Como" (2018-12-24)

Learn while you study

One of the best ways of learning and improving your level of Spanish is to attend one of the prestigious, quality courses offered in Spain and adapted to all different levels. You can find courses of different length, from one-month intensive courses to courses which last the whole academic year. However you choose to study, you learn the language along with other students and Spanish teachers and you will be able to discover Spain's spectacular artistic and historical heritage, full of traditions and yet modern and alive. Live with its people, share its customs and feel close to everything which Spain has to offer.

You can further improve your knowledge of the Spanish language as a foreign language while studying for your degree. There are many University courses on offer, especially post-graduate and masters courses, and all of them are of renowned international prestige. Thousands of foreign students come to Spain every year to study. Certain courses include internships, some of which are remunerated, and, in this way, the student can combine work experience and study. Many grants, aids and discounts are also available to make your stay in Spain easier. The centres and Universities will help you to settle in.

Learn Spanish while looking after children (Au-pair)

A very cost-efficient opportunity for learning and practising Spanish is by working as an au-pair, living for a period of time with a Spanish family. Many young people, generally between the ages of 17 and 30, come to Spain every year hoping to study Spanish while looking after the youngest members of a family. There are many different au-pair agencies in Spain. All you have to do is get in touch with the agencies in your own country and say that you wish to live and work in Spain.

Learn while you're working

Have you ever thought of learning Spanish while working for a few months in Spain? It is possible to work part-time and have the rest of the day free for studying Spanish. Besides attending classes, you can join one of the work programmes organised between different companies and Universities. The best thing to do is to obtain the necessary information first from the administrative departments of the different centres where there are work pools and the possibility of paid internships. You will also be told whether or not you need a visa and how to get one if that is the case.

Learning Spanish well will allow you to get to know a new culture and will lead to a better understanding of Spain's huge artistic and historical heritage. Whatever your choice, find out in your own country what you need to study in Spain, for example, by going to your Spanish Embassy, or the Spanish Tourist Info Offices. There are many reasons for choosing Spain as the perfect place to learn Spanish. Everyone agrees: studying in Spain is a unique and unrepeatable experience. Why don't you give it a try?

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