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Sushma Swaraj Tweets Her Political And Personal Life: Creating A Memoir On Twitter!

"Rolando Reid" (2018-12-28)

It is also the mistress of politicians; though married to politics, yet they love to display their social media presence through their intimacy with Twitter! Sushma Swaraj too is one of those politicians who are deeply in love with Twitter!

Sushma became a part of the Twitter bandwagon much later than several many politicians but she is much more active on Twitter compared to many other Indian politicos on the micro-blogging site. Recently she covered her party, namely BJPs (Bharatia Janata Party) Ekta Yatra via her tweets making her tweet-coverage almost live virtual show, as she did not miss to cover even a single important move that the Yatra made!

We are moving in groups of 500 people each. We are holding tricolor. Bharat mata ki Jai Vande Maatram. We are Arun, Anantha, Shanta truly, her Twitter page is her autobiography!!

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