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Internet Marketing Is Like A Roller Coaster Ride

"Kaylee Lanham" (2019-01-04)

Personally I don't like roller coasters. I'm afraid
while riding on one, I'll discover I have an
undiagnosed heart condition. I was brought up
Southern and nice Southern ladies DO NOT have heart
attacks in public. The only exception might be if
you're wearing nice underwear ("Don't forget to put
on nice underwear in case you're in an accident").

Yet here I am on the roller coaster ride of my life.
It's called Internet Marketing.

At the beginning of a roller coaster ride you always
have that steep climb to the top. It's the same when
you are just getting started in online marketing.
The initial learning curve is your steep climb. It's
l-o-n-g; it's slow. Some people would like to skip
that first part. They just want to get to the top as
quickly as they can. They squirm in their seats,
eyes fixed at the peak; completely ignoring the
breathless scenery all around them. Too few savor
the slow ascent; drinking in everything around them.

Then the ride reaches the pinnacle. Wow! You look
down and you can't even see the tracks. Just a sheer
drop. With sweaty hands, you grab on to the side
rails, anticipating the ride down. Your heart feels
bigger; it starts beating faster.

The top of the ride is like your very first sale.
You did it! The slow climb was worth it. It took a
whilenow you're at the top. It's exhilarating!

Then the roller coaster makes its rapid descent. You
feel pressure against your chest.

The descent in Net marketing is when you go days, patin tre em even
months, without another sale. What am I doing wrong?
How come I'm not making any sales? You are depressed
and feel let down.

Again the l-o-n-g, slow climb up another hill. You
study more; you learn more. You apply what you have
absorbed. And once again you reach the top. Only
this time the ride down is not so steep and it doesn't
last as long.

At some point, the roller coaster ride is over. As
nervous and scared as you were when you initially got
in your seat, you can't wait to get back on and ride
it again.

That's what Internet marketing is. A series of slow
climbs to reach the top; exhilarating moments;
depressing descents. Peaks and valleys. Successes
and failures. Times when sales are flowing and times
when you are dumbfounded because there are no sales.

The people who don't make it on the Net are the ones
who don't rush to get back on the roller coaster when
the ride is over. They rush off looking for another
short-lived thrill. The winners are the ones who
enjoy the peaks and valleys and can't wait to get back
on againand againand again. For them, the ride is
never over.

"Hold on; hold fast; hold out. Patience is genius."
George de Buffon