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The Latest: Steinberg out in fourth at World Series of Poker

"Jan Bosisto" (2019-01-11)

poker88LAS VEGAS (AP) — The latest from day two of the World Series of Poker main event championship (all times local):

8:30 p.m.

Max Steinberg won't need to find an old suit in his closet for day three of the World Series of Poker finale.

The Las Vegas resident by way of Washington, D.C. and originally Iowa went all-in Monday night with an ace-jack but couldn't out-do chip-leader Joe McKeehen's ace-queen.

Steinberg had recently gone from playing poker professionally to playing daily fantasy sports for a living. His trademark tailored suits were adopted by his enthusiastic cheering section who all dressed up for the occasion.

Steinberg said before the Main Event's conclusion that he had only had two new suits made for the three-day tournament.

He walks away with $2.6 million.


7:20 p.m.

Zvi Stern of Israel is out of contention for $7.6 million and the World Series of Poker's top prize.

After dropping from his second-place perch to last earlier in the night, Stern held an ace-jack when Neil Blumenfield with an ace-king pushed Stern to go all-in.

Stern watched arms crossed from the sidelines in front of coach and 2014 WSOP champion Martin Jacobsen when Blumenfield clinched a pair of kings, and the hand, when the second-to-last card was turned over.

Stern's elimination was preceded by some notable shifting among the remaining five poker players including his drop to last at the hands of Josh Beckley who rose to second.


5 p.m.

Thomas Cannuli of New Jersey is the first player on day two to have his luck run out on his World Series of Poker dream.

The 23-year-old professional poker player who had a sizeable cheering section chanting for him and wearing "Holy Cannuli" T-shirts was knocked out with a pair of aces in the no-limit Texas Hold 'em tournament that ends Tuesday and promised $7.6 million to the winner.

Player Max Steinberg showed a pair of tens that quickly became an unbeatable three-of-a-kind when the dealer laid out the flop of community cards.

Cannuli gets $1.4 million for placing sixth.


4:40 p.m.

The six remaining players vying for the World Series of Poker's $7.6 million top prize and poker's championship title are beginning day two of their marathon matchup.

24-year-old Joe McKeehen from Pennsylvania is in the far-and-away lead, holding 91.3 million worth of chips. The player in second place so far has 32.5 million worth of chips.

Players still chasing the prize and McKeehen's chip lead include, in order of their standing, Ofer Zvi Stern from Israel, Neil Blumenfield from San Francisco, Poker88 - - Max Steinberg from Las Vegas and Joshua Beckley and Thomas Cannuli, both from New Jersey.