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Hot 97'S Dj Megatron Shot And Killed In Staten Island

"Jesenia Wildman" (2019-03-11)

Greetings my friends from my not minding its not 10 below windchill part of turmoil. Starting of NASCAR season is 2 weeks away, pitchers and catchers have started working out and scr888 casino download apk free download at no time this week will the temperature get below 20 so its all good and getting more complete. That means ONE MORE excuse because of not going out is finished! So to help you out here are some suggestions. BUT before I help lead you on your excursion into thrilling frolic, MUST wish one of my two fave bartenders at the Twist & Shout a huge HAPPY belated year! Happy Birthday Jenna! Celebrate again today..why not? OK, on with the show! !!!

July saw two great anniversary celebrations. WFAN celebrated 25 years for a sports station and WCBS FM celebrated 40 years as New York's oldies/classic hits unit. Ty Bentli would become the actual morning man at '92.3 Now.

Since making the biggest freestyle in UK hip-hop's history, Peckham rapper Giggs proved that his "Talking the Hardest" track was big enough to release an album on your back of; amazing "Walk each morning Park" album quickly gone in its first week of nationwide release. Soon after, Giggs won the "Best UK hip-hop artist" award at BET's 2006 music wards in gwinnett. Recently teaming at the one of the UK's best r&b artists of all time, 918 kiss app free download Shola Ama, expect big things from Giggs in 2011.

Jeff - Sing anybody and anybody that will the fridge. Always be ready carry out even the particular most uncomfortable of periods. Believe in yourself and ignore all the doubters. Most importantly, stay humble. Humility will a person grounded and thankful for the opportunity to do music with regard to.

We're in order to be go right instead of left here for a minute and drop a little music review on any person. I had a chance to score a copy of the "BLOCK PARTY" MIXTAPE CD recently released by would be that DJ OLDSKOOL from ninety three.9 918kiss download link. I'm the first one to confess yours truly is not really a mix tape expert. Having said that i do consider myself a music fan and a very good judge when it concerns a music product. This ladies and gentlemen very good. Really good. It takes you back whenever a club DJ was the engineer of this nights party train. Its very congratulations and yes it is suitable for all ears. It grooves.It makes ya wanna move. Purchase own simulate. See if you don't agree? Whenever DJ OLDSKOOL is anywhere, ask him how you can get one of your own, cause I'm keeping mine.

The KIRO call letters show up at number 15, this is the AM, 710 ESPN Seattle. Directly behind is News Talk 97.3 KIRO FM at 16, a steep drop inside the lofty rankings to which KIRO had become accustomed, pre-PPM.

There prepared to be so many Super Bowl parties taking place , 918 kiss app free download I do not own near area to an individual about every one of them. So my advice is, 918 kiss app free download just go to these people! Make a day's it! Noticed that was undemanding. That's it for from now on. Remember we can all support location scene, go to something somewhere. In the very that's things i think.