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Household Misery Index Shows We're Leveling Off Near An All Time High

"Myra Neighbour" (2018-08-07)

The household misery index is leveling off. Unfortunately, that leveling is ke can bang somewhere just beneath the all time high experienced in December of 1982.

Formerly, the misery index
was calculated by adding the rate of inflation to that of unemployment. In case you have virtually any concerns with regards to wherever along with how to work with op lat sieu toc, you possibly can contact us from our site. The blog Paper Economy
says that that no longer explains reality, considering CPI's inability to factor in the real rising costs households are experiencing.

Instead, Paper Economy
includes these factors:

The U-3 unemployment rate

YOY percent change of the 10-Year moving average of total nonfarm payrolls

YOY percent change of the 10-Year moving average of "real" personal ke nhua op gach income

YOY percent change of the 10-year moving average of "real" S