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As the summer rolls in, the real estate market is smoking hot.

"Randi Buck" (2018-08-07)

As the summer rolls in, the real estate market is smoking hot. Homeowners are getting loads of mail from all the local real estate companies hawking their wares. The truth of the matter is that they all offer the same services. They promise to sell your property fast by putting your house into the MLS system and social media marketing for the 6% commission they are charging you. If most homeowners realized that they could just bypass the Realtor and sell to a private investor in 7-10 days they would probably do it. The end results are usually the same. The biggest difference in choosing a private investor is the time it takes to find a buyer, get loan approval, get the home inspection, get the appraisal the lender is comfortable with and about 10 other things you need to worry about before you finally close escrow. Why do you need to go through all of this for the same results?
Before you consider listing with a real estate company, I would like to run an idea by you.
When you sit down with your real estate company, they will go over a plan to get your house sold and tell you what you are going to net based off of your list price and the fees; Agent commission’s (6%), escrow and title (1.5%), Buyer concessions (3%), making your mortgage payment for the next 5 months, (3 months to get an offer and 2 months for the loan to close, is average)
Example: Average price of a house in Los Angeles is $500,000-$535,000.
Real Estate Agent Commissions: $500,000 x 6% for buyer and sellers side commissions: $30,000.
Making your regular payments to your lender is $2400.00 PITI x 5 months is $12,000.
If you are really motivated you will help the buyer with closing cost, normally 3% is $15,000.
Your escrow, title and tax and insurance will be about 1.5 to 2% of sales price is $10,000.
Projected NET Proceeds ………..….. $433,000
I’m sure these are not your exact numbers but you get the idea.
If you knew of someone or a company, that was able to give you an offer that was close to what you were going to net with a realtor, but could close in 7-10 days with no bank financing needed, would you take the offer? How soon do you want to move?
Realty Solution, LLC team of professionals has been servicing the Los Angeles market for over 25 years. They have helped many families get the cash they need fast. They are also accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Most companies are not in today’s market.
They are here to help you sell your house fast. Even if you have tax liens against the property, they will still buy the property. You need money to relocate before we close escrow? That’s no problem. Property needs repair? They buy houses in any condition, even fire damage. It's Simple and Hassle Free. Call their office today for them to review your situation at (661) 513-3430. Visit their website at At the top of the page click on the red "Sell Now" button and complete the form and they will send you back an offer within 24hr.

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