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Aboriginal teenager sues police over 'abhorrent and racist assault' 

"Odell Dockery" (2020-08-21)

An Aboriginal teenager is suing the state of New South Wales after he was allegedly assaulted by a police officer in an unprovoked attack.

The alleged assault on Centre Street, Casino, NSW, in September last year was caught on video by a bystander. 

The teenager, who was 17 at the time, was walking home at 12.30am when he was surrounded by three police officers.

After a brief conversation one of the officers allegedly hit the boy in the head.

The incident has been described as 'abhorrent and racist' and an 'oppressive abuse of police powers' in a statement of claim filed in the Lismore district court.

The teenager is suing for damages for alleged assault, battery, false imprisonment and trespass to property, the  reported. 

The teenager claimed he was speaking to his mother on his phone as he walked home when the police car pulled over. He said the officers surrounded him and wanted to search him but he refused, telling them not to touch him.In the footage, the teenager can be seen slapping away the hand of one officer, before another policeman responded with the alleged punch. RELATED ARTICLES

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The teenager claimed he was left with a bleeding lip and a bruised jaw after the alleged incident.The bystander can then be heard yelling: 'Hey, no need for that mate. I got that all on record. I just seen it. You got no way of denyin' it.'The officer can then be heard asking the teenager: 'Why'd you have a swing at him?' The teenager was stopped by police officers while walking home in September last year. The teen claims police wanted to search him but he refusedThe boy responded, telling him he didn't take a swing.'Police officers targeted an Aboriginal boy, for no reason whatsoever, and then proceeded to degrade and humiliate him in the most cynical way,' the statement of claim said.'The conduct complained of demonstrates a failure by the Richmond Local Area Command to properly train, discipline and educate its police officers to prevent them from young Aboriginal males in the Casino area.'It is also alleged that when the teenager and his cousin went to the police station to complain, police refused to speak to them and locked the doors. A bystander captured the alleged assault on camera. In the footage, the teenager can be seen slapping away the hand of one officer, before another policeman responded with the alleged punchNSW police would not comment when approached by Daily Mail Australia as the matter is before the courts.Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott said 'as the matter is currently before the courts it would be inappropriate for me to comment at this stage'.A pre-trial conference for the case is expected to be heard in Lismore district court next week.The court action comes as police are put under further scrutiny amid the Black Lives Matter movement. The movement has seen protests spring up around the western world in response to American demonstrations following the death of black security guard George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis.  

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