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Knowing when to Fold in Poker - Points to Ponder

"Loren Spina" (2020-08-27)

Everyone has a motive to win when they are playing card games whether online or offline.
Whereas, in the game of poker your winning is completely based on hands that you hold at the table. But, that is not the whole thing that makes you a winner at the table. Sometimes, folding a hand at the right time also plays a vital role to avoid losing a hand. In poker cards, you can win even with the worst of cards.

9.jpgHowever, the one with the best hand strength should be unaware of the cards that you are holding. This can be even better, 안전놀이터추천 if he starts doubting his one of the best hand strengths which will ultimately help you to bluff in your game and win the pot. But, If you are playing with a professional poker player, this tactic will be very easily caught by him.

What he might not catch is : when to fold.

Folding a poor hand is cinch for anyone playing poker, but what makes it decisive to fold is when you are at the good hand strength and the flush card arrives. Let's get our hands on, When & how should you fold.

  • Trust your intuitions.

When you are at the table and you have a feeling of not holding good hand strength.

This feeling is your intuition which is pointing towards something. We recommend you to always go with such instincts such as reading a poker face, delay in betting etc.

Some people are very spontaneous to follow the gut feeling and that is too accurate.

On the other hand, it is a skill that needs to be brushed for most of us.

It involves two sets: first is listening to the foresight that is indicating you to act upon; and second, following the indication.

  • Spot the harbinger.

While playing card games there are many acts that give you an indication to be preventive such as call - check - raise.

When you spot such moves on the table, it is clear that your opponent is holding some good cards or is in the process of making the best combination with the upcoming card.

Notice the chipstack of your opponent. If he wagers against the odds of flush or straight on the table, or even out of position, he definitely has a reason behind it.

If the opponent is calling all your raised bets even if you are playing tight (Playing only strong hands), chances are that they are feeling very confident about their moves which you need to take seriously.

  • Doing the right math.

In order to win in online real money earning games you need to be calculative of risks and maths involved in it. It becomes easier for you to make decisions when you know the statistics.

First and foremost maths is to add up your chips. When you are short in the stack, do not risk it except playing the greatest hand strength. Playing unique and not following the crowd is found to be worthy in poker though it may sound a bit out of fashion.

The second statistics involves your opponent's raising limit.

Their betting on good hands versus great hands needs to be kept in mind to know their game and card strength. This will help you make the right move.

Third point to consider is your table position. Folding the hand while at early positions becomes a bit difficult after you have already put the blinds.
Most poker players make the mistakes at this stage only due to an emotional and mental blockage of understanding the situations.

  • Playing the odds.

Last but not least is judging the pot odds. Pot odds support in judging the game and help deciding to fold at the right time.It is basically the total pot value versus your contribution in the pot.

You are recommended to call if your chances of winning are the same or more otherwise you can fold.

  • Making a powerful Fold

Folding a card is not that easy. No one wants to fold the hand that has a probability of winning, but what percentage of winning chances it holds must be kept in mind to fold the hand.

So, Practice to refine the skill of predicting accurate percentage and making tough decisions like fold with bold confidence.

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