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Mother with ill baby stuck in Peru: We don´t know how we are going...

"Clifford Barnard" (2020-04-17)

James Martin is having a ‘pinch-me' moment. His website has just crashed after he sent his social media followers into a frenzy by saying he wanted to visit someone's house and cook for them for free as a thank-you to his fans.

Peru is currently on lockdown, with a curfew running between 8pm and 5am and all shops closed except for pharmacies and those selling food, meaning Mr Abisrror needed a special permit to visit his wife and child in hospital.

'if there is one thing I have learned about football, it's that nobody cares what you did last year or the year before earn the trust and respect of those around through your commitment every single day. 'Excited, humble and hungry,' Brady's post began.

"This also allows us time to keep pace with a fast-moving situation and continue to plan for how a revised season might look. Critically, we can also remain as flexible and adaptable as possible, within the obvious restrictions we face.

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"This is an extremely challenging time for us all and with an impact on cricket inevitable, the sport must put the safety of everyone involved at the forefront of all decisions," Duckett told the official Derbyshire website.

@airfrance can't get through by phone, website isn't working, trying to change my cancelled flight home to London but it's impossible. My baby is recovering from bacterial pneumonia, we need to get home ASAP. #stuckinPeru @BBCWorld @BBCNews @UKinPeru

‘I suddenly felt an urge to say to my followers, "Thank you very much for everything you've done. I don't know how on earth I'm going to ever repay you, other than the fact I'm just going to cook for somebody random.

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"All players are in this together and as their players' association we now need to work for the players collectively in dealing with the ECB and the first-class counties to find solutions to the challenges ahead.

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Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab earlier admitted it is "very difficult" for people to get out of some destinations and warned there are up to nearly one million British nationals currently travelling abroad.

On the road we see James making dishes such as poached turbot with a creamy herb sauce on a boat in Guernsey and traditional Singing Hinny griddle cakes in Northumberland, as well as meeting some of the nation's most devoted food producers.

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