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"Loyd Grafton" (2020-04-17)

The pandemic is dealing a blow to states already facing budget shortfalls. Twenty-three states were short on unemployment insurance trust funds as of last year, before the coronavirus shock, a Department of Labor calculation shows website

The first is to finish the season as soon as it's deemed safe. This would involve matches in late May and June. Top class English rugby union and American sports deploy a similar method. If there is no space in the calendar the prospect of play-offs exists.

This new ‘friend' congratulated the Paul Newman lookalike on his triumph over France on penalties. But then told Lippi that he should have picked versatile full-back Christian Panucci for the tournament.

New York waived the one-week waiting period for benefits for people who are out of work because of closures or quarantines related to the coronavirus. California made unemployment benefits available to people who had their hours cut because of the virus. And Massachusetts is providing more leeway for people who are currently receiving benefits but miss a deadline because of the virus.

Some hospitality workers in Miami said they were told that after submitting applications for unemployment benefits online that it would take up to 72 hours to be notified that everything is in order. Others said they expected to be waiting a week or more.

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Some are moving rapidly to hire new workers or reallocate staff to keep up with the demand. States that cut unemployment staff and benefits during better economic times may be unprepared for the deluge in applications, analysts say.

Ten states, including Florida, Alabama, North Carolina and Georgia, have cut their maximum length of benefits over the last several years to be less than 26 weeks, which is the standard for most states.

The PM used his daily press conference to warn there was 'no doubt' he would act to shut open spaces and limit all movement outside homes if people continued to act foolishly, but stopped short of immediate action.

Roma swoop in to aid coronavirus battle in Italy as players... Philippe Coutinho 'could make shock return to Inter Milan in... 'He chose a team where he can win so much': Unai Emery makes... Cristiano Ronaldo's mum Dolores Aveiro says she's 'lucky to...

More than 2 million applications could be filed this week, economists said, as people who work for restaurants, bars, hotels and other businesses suddenly find themselves out of work because of the coronavirus.

Grammy-winning country singer Kenny Rogers died late on Friday night at the age of 81, his family said on Saturday. The American singer "passed away peacefully at home from natural causes under the care of hospice and surrounded by his family," a statement on the singer's website said.

In a tough message to the public from Downing Street this afternoon, Mr Johnson said that even though he understood the physical and mental health benefits of open spaces, he would take drastic steps to protect health.

With the coronavirus outbreak forcing their 400 screens to go dark indefinitely, some of them worry that run could come to an end. The family's Missouri-based company closed its 50 B&B Theatres locations in seven states this week and imposed its first layoffs ever, affecting 1,980 workers. towns for four generations. Members of the Bagby family have operated movie theaters in small U.S.

England, unlike Italy, is an interesting situation, because Liverpool are 25 points ahead' 'If that isn't possible I'd accept a play-off between the top four, two-legged semi-finals and a one off final to be champion of Italy.

Edinburgh Airport chief executive Gordon Dewar said: 'This is an unprecedented time not only for the aviation industry but for everyone as we all do what we can to ensure the health of ourselves and of those around us.

'In Spain there are dozens of players who have tested positive for the virus, while in Italy many maybe haven't been tested and could be carrying it without symptoms,' said the ex-Roma and Italy midfielder.

'Especially in our region. Obviously watching a match or playing with your pals is a great way to let off steam for a couple of hours. ‘The lack of football has been relegated to second place in conversation,' says Negroni. Maybe in other areas where the virus has been less severe, they are missing it more.

The remarks are a ramping up of pressure from Downing Street but are likely to result in increased demands for the action to take place immediately in line with other nations - How to Make a Website with some saying it should have been done already.

Although they enjoy plenty of sports, football and Formula One dominate. And considering Ferrari have been struggling for years, the round ball rules. Football is the world's most popular sport, most countries like or love it. But Italy is another level.