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James Martin reveals why his trip round the UK was an epiphany

"Ward Kesteven" (2020-04-19)

Official advise from the government stated people should practice social distancing in a bid to prevent draconian measures having to be  implemented across the country. Despite this many people were seen rubbing shoulders today as they visited some of the UK's most popular outdoor spots. 

There's plenty to eat in his new Islands To Highlands cookbook, a collection of 80 mouthwatering dishes from around the British Isles - such as stuffed leg of Welsh lamb, Singapore crab with stottie cakes and duck egg sponge with blackberry jam - which is serialised over the next two weeks in Weekend magazine.

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The site (, which consists of resources and links focused on the potentially deadly respiratory illness COVID-19, will be available in more languages and countries in coming days, Google said in a blog post.

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Hours earlier there had been appalling scenes as Britons across the UK flocked to beaches and parks up and down the country to take a stroll with their loved ones for Mother's Day, despite social distancing advice from the government surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

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(Reporting by Subrat Patnaik in Bengaluru; Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan) However, the launch was delayed as local and national guidance changed significantly from Sunday to Monday and the company had said it would roll out the website later in the week.

In London, people were still out and about and some even made it down to the infamous Columbia Road Flower Market this afternoon, despite criticism from major Sadiq Khan who said Londoners needed to stay in to save lives.

March 21 (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's Google said on Saturday it launched a United States-focused website with information about coronavirus guidance and testing, as the country works on slowing the spread of the highly contagious virus.

I mean, look...' he says, brandishing his mobile phone showing his Twitter feed going crazy. 'I want to come to your house and cook for one of you." I was thinking there might be six replies, but it's just gone mental.

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The remarks are a ramping up of pressure from Downing Street but are likely to result in increased demands for the action to take place immediately in line with other nations - with some saying it should have been done already.