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John Lewis says all 50 of its stores will close on Monday night

"Halley McCoy" (2020-04-21)

ECB chief executive Tom Harrison, said: "During this period of deep uncertainty it is the ECB's first priority to protect the wellbeing of everyone within the cricket family, from players to fans and colleagues across the game.

The one in three Britons who are already living with a mental health problem will now be faced with adjusting to video appointments with counsellors and anxiety about access to their life-saving medication.

"I feel particularly sorry for our members and supporters as well as our players and coaches, who have all been eagerly looking forward to the new season for some time," said Nottinghamshire director of cricket Mick Newell.

‘If you buy these and a hair conditioner and you think your hair feels better, then why not? Again, all of the vitamins and minerals this supplement contains can be gained from a healthy diet.' But do you need the sugar used to turn them into gummies?

Aside from panic, this new, rather strange, way of life could also trigger feelings of sadness and, in severe cases, depression. Regular routines are essential for our identity, self-confidence and purpose. Losing routine is a known risk factor for depression. So, as tempting as it might be to stay in pyjamas all day, don't.

A sea of empty shelves appears almost apocalyptic. A common source of stress at the moment is trips to the supermarket. If you're tempted to join in panic-buying, limit yourself to one unnecessary item per shop. But all supermarkets have said nothing is going to run out, it's just that there's huge demand.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have become the first royals to visit coronavirus frontline health workers, as they met staff at a London NHS 111 call centre - how to Make a website and, in light of new social distancing rules, discussed the idea of remote conferencing for future royal visits.

All in all, the look costs just £158. A small price to pay for Duchess-approved style, we think you'll agree! Kate's suit comprises of a wool-blend double-breasted blazer and a pair of matching slim-leg trousers.

I asked the company why its product contained 20,000 per cent of a person's daily requirement of biotin and whether it could point me to any peer-reviewed evidence that this would result in ‘thicker, healthier hair and stronger nails' as claimed.

The visit to the Croydon centre, which deals with south-east London, saw William and Kate - dressed in a rose pink trouser suit - adhering rigorously to the latest protocols about dealing with the disease.

This will add to a sense of ownership over a portion of space. Split the housework and have a strict schedule of who does what, in which room, and when. Assign a different space in the house for each person during the day. There is a way to live peacefully, even while on top of one another.

You could collect shopping for a neighbour, or phone a long-lost, lonely relative. Studies show that volunteering is an effective mood-booster. Organisations such as Next Door, Meet Ups UK and local council websites will have a list of a variety of initiatives designed to help isolated individuals at this time. Remember, you are not alone in this.

This continued yesterday, with the normally packed Bluewater shopping centre in Kent, for example, near empty.    Shops have already suffered a massive drop-off in customers as numbers fell by a third at the weekend.

Stick to trusted sites such as NHS England (, Public Health England and the Government website ( Such groups are often full of unreliable ‘he-said-she-said' commentary and will only fuel panic. And what about WhatsApp? While it's a great tool to help you stay connected with family, maybe you should limit the use of WhatsApp groups if you're in any, or even gracefully bow out of them altogether.

Because vitamins, minerals and so-called ‘superfood' supplements are not medicines, claims on packaging about what they can actually do for you are spelled out in an European Commission (EC)-controlled register, which is based on recommendations from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

When the Government's self-isolation rules were extended to 14 days for entire families, mother-of-four Katy Walton from Bath, left, wondered how she'd cope. Katy and her husband have two sets of twins under the age of 11 - all boys.

According to the NHS, biotin ‘is needed in very small amounts to help the body break down fat'. This contains more than 20,000 per cent of your daily requirement of biotin (a safe level) and 4g of sugar because it is delivered as a gummy. According to the label, ‘Biotin contributes to normal maintenance of hair and skin' - and this is allowed by the rules in the EC-controlled claims register. The daily recommended sugar intake for a woman is 25g. The product costs £20 at Boots and, according to Daniel, it's pretty good, ‘though you can get biotin more naturally, and cheaply, by adding hazelnuts or almonds to your diet.' He picks up a Beauty Gummy from Evolution_18, make-up artist Bobbi Brown's supplement range.