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CHICAGO (AP) - A once-bustling bar and grill tucked below a Michigan Avenue overpass famously inspired a "Saturday Night Live" skit starring John Belushi and Bill Murray

"Curtis Phelps" (2020-04-26)

He said there would soon be 58 drive-through testing centres, while a UK rapid testing consortium is working on antibody tests that people could use at home to tell them whether they have had the virus in the past.

Downing Street will also train an 'army' of 18,000 civil servants to trace contacts of infected patients to try and prevent future outbreaks, which the World Health Organization says is the 'backbone' to curbing any epidemic.

Professor John Newton, the Government's Covid-19 testing co-ordinator, said new types of tests, including ones that do not rely on reagents currently in short supply, would help the Government reach its 100,000-tests-a-day target.

Ashford Inc., a hospitality real estate business with several subsidiaries, has already received $30million in loans from the US Paycheck Protection Program set up by the federal government to help small businesses keep paying their workers and bills.

Key workers on the list are the same as those for access to schools, and include NHS and social care workers, police officers, teachers, social workers, those in the justice system, undertakers, some in local government, supermarket and food production workers, journalists, transport workers and some people in utilities and IT.

everybody is acting in the right way, they're staying home, they're staying safe, they're wearing masks when they go out in the street, they are caring about their communities and their friends and their neighbors and their families,' she said. 

Asked about the UK's death toll, which now stands at 18,738 in hospitals with thousands more in care homes, England's chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said it was difficult to speculate what the final numbers would be.

But the money the Billy Goat Tavern is losing during the coronavirus outbreak is no joke. CHICAGO (AP) - Make a Website A once-bustling bar and grill tucked below a Michigan Avenue overpass famously inspired a "Saturday Night Live" skit starring John Belushi and Bill Murray.

State lawmakers, including in Illinois, New York and New Jersey, have proposed laws that would dictate insurers accept business claims for coronavirus damage, in some cases even if policies exclude pandemics.

(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File) But the money the Billy Goat Tavern is losing now due to state-imposed business closures during the coronavirus outbreak is no joke. The once-busy diner tucked below a Michigan Avenue overpass in Chicago famously inspired a Saturday Night Live skit starring John Belushi and Bill Murray as short-order cooks. 23, 2005 file photo, a customer enters the Billy Goat Tavern under Chicago's Michigan Ave.

The 48-year-old charge nurse had been taken to Morriston hospital on Friday, March 27, due to difficulty breathing after testing positive for coronavirus. He was intubated in ITU and put into a coma to try and stabilise his condition. 

The same key workers whose children have been allowed to remain at school since the lockdown was imposed 31 days ago on March 23 will now be able to order COVID-19 tests - if they feel ill - online or through their employers.

These include teachers and social workers, supermarket staff, lorry drivers, public transport staff, bankers, postal workers, bin collectors and utility workers. Members of their families will also be eligible for the tests.

The PPP was created by Congress and designed to loan money to small businesses with 500 employees or less to help them survive the economic downturn during the coronavirus crisis, ensuring they can still pay their employees and bills, and avoid mass layoffs.

Kate Booth, cabinet member for children's wellbeing, said: 'On behalf of Birmingham City Council I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to Muhammad's family, friends and work colleagues for their sad loss.

In a joint statement with the NHS Borders Trust's chief executive Ralph Roberts, Ms Cunningham's family said: 'Angie was a much-loved wife, mother, sister, granny and great granny, as well as a friend to many more.

The scheme marks a long-awaited turning point in the Government's policy and mirrors the rigorous regime used in South Korea, which bucked the trend by opting against lockdown and squashing its outbreak within weeks.

This comes as CEO and chairman Monty Bennett, known for keeping exotic and endangered animals on his Dallas ranch, and other major shareholders including his father, have reportedly pocketed millions of dollars in preferred dividends as the coronavirus pandemic wages on.

The consultant geriatrician had moved to Britain from Egypt around 20 years ago and has been described as a 'very special human being' Dr Medhat Atalla died following treatment for Covid-19 at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

'Our thoughts and condolences are obviously with their sons Craig and Chris at this devastating time, with the loss of both Sharon and Malcolm. We offer our most sincere condolences to Sharon's family, friends and colleagues at this extremely sad time.'