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ANALYSIS-Fidget spinners and squishies: some Toys 'R' Us toymakers...

"Wilson Servin" (2019-11-09)

Across three southern Williamsburg census tracts, as many as 2,400 children tested at or above the CDC´s current elevated lead threshold between 2005 and 2015. In one, 21 percent of children tested during this period had high lead levels. Rates in the most recent years were lower, but still above Flint´s.

o Reporters were able to buy dangerous leaded products in city shops, including children´s jewelry. It was labeled lead-free. One item, a cosmetic marketed for use around children´s eyes, tested with levels 4,700 times the U.

, wear matching adult pajamas as they look for deals at Target in Dubuque, Iowa, on Friday, Nov. (Jessica Reilly/Telegraph Herald via AP) Renee Hantelmann and her husband, Josh, both of Dickeyville, Wis. Black Friday has morphed from a single day when people got up early to score doorbusters into a whole season of deals, so shoppers may feel less need to be out.

Robert Carey and his son Nash, 4 months, both of Belmont, Wis. (Jessica Reilly/Telegraph Herald via AP) Black Friday has morphed from a single day when people got up early to score doorbusters into a whole season of deals, so shoppers may feel less need to be out. , shop at Theisen's Home-Farm-Auto in Dubuque, Iowa, on Friday, Nov.

A 2004 housing law targeted "elimination" of childhood lead poisoning within six years. The city outlawed residential lead paint in 1960, 18 years before a national ban. The city offers free lead testing in housing, vows to fix hazards and bill landlords when necessary, and has seen childhood exposure rates decline year after year.

Both women were adamant that Thanksgiving Day was for families and not for getting a jump start on holiday shopping. Jeffers says it's a tradition, but it was more fun before stores started opening on Thanksgiving.

O'Connell/Hazelton Standard-Speaker via AP) , on Black Friday, Nov. Shoppers look for sales in the purse department at Boscov's in the Laurel Mall located in Hazle Township near Hazleton, Pa.

Columbia University Environmental Sciences graduate student Franziska Landes has been testing soil around the former industrial neighborhood for months. Among the scores of backyards Landes has tested, most have had at least one reading above the EPA´s 400 parts per million lead safety threshold for areas where children play.

And cold weather helped fuel sales of items like coat and boots. He predicts that Macy's will sell more than a million cold weather items on Thursday and Friday combined. He said deals on exclusive fashions, perfume sets and gadgets helped drive attention.

In densely populated New York, a tract often covers several square blocks. Areas of high lead exposure risk remain throughout America´s largest and richest city, a Reuters exploration of blood testing data found. In the first examination of its kind, reporters obtained New York childhood blood testing data down to the census tract level - neighborhood areas with some 4,000 residents apiece.

Both were Chinese imports. safety standard for toys. Two items Reuters had tested, a butterfly hairpiece and a glittery earring and beret set, each had lead content above the 100 parts per million U. One was labeled "lead-safe.

A string of bright blue, red and gold tubes containing eyeliner - known as `surma,´ `kajal´ or `kohl´ - can be found in many Ditmas Park shops. The cosmetic is sometimes applied to children and touted to improve eye health.

7 percent lead, or 4,700 times the Food and Drug Administration safety standard for cosmetics. The label for Hashmi Surmi Special liquid, made in Pakistan, says it contains "0.

Walmart, meanwhile, says it has tripled the assortment of products it has online from last year and is offering thousands of deals. Among its deals: 40 percent off a voice-activated Google Home Mini, $100 off the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse and $90 off the Xbox One S video console.

A Brooklyn federal judge set a hearing for this December to consider whether to declare a public health emergency. Last year, a painters trade union said it discovered that lead paint has been raining down on bustling Queens neighborhoods from the subway´s century-old structures.

One requires landlords to conduct annual lead paint inspections in pre-1960 housing units where small children live, fix hazards and keep records. The other requires them to "permanently seal or remove" lead paint from spots like windows and door-frames - so-called friction surfaces, where paint often breaks down - before new tenants move in.

"This landlord has repeatedly failed their duty to safeguard our youngest New Yorkers," the city said. But the city says most poisoned children are exposed at home, and records show Johnson´s building has been on the citywide list of the 200 "most distressed" multi-unit dwellings since 2007.

Amazon says its distribution warehouses in Germany are logistics centers and employees earn relatively high wages for that industry. The German union has been leading a push since 2013 for higher pay for some 12,000 workers in Germany, arguing Amazon employees receive lower wages than others in retail and mail-order jobs.But the Thanksgiving weekend, when stores go all-out to attract shoppers, can be an indication of how they'll do through the season. Some love the excitement. Others may check their phones and go back to sleep. But Black Friday has morphed from a single day when people got up early to score doorbusters into a whole season of deals, so shoppers may feel less need to be out.

"New York´s prevention program is renowned, so the fact it still has pockets like these shows how challenging this issue is on a national scale," said Patrick MacRoy, a former director of Chicago´s lead poisoning prevention program.

The 31-year-old chef from the Minneapolis suburb of Richfield, Minnesota bought a printer and headphones at the Best Buy store at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. He started his holiday shopping on Black Friday. Crawford says he saved about $50 on the printer and $40 on the headphones.

Thirty-two-year-old Nanci Custer and her mother-in-law, Jeanne Custer, got an early start to their shopping Friday so they could make the 25-mile trip from Pendleton, Indiana, to downtown Indianapolis and hit the stores at Circle Centre Mall.

"If the city´s not going to nail a few people for failing to do this, then no one is going to pay attention to these requirements," said Matthew Chachere, a lawyer with anti-poverty group Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation, who helped draft the 2004 law.

"There has to be some realism in what we expect a government agency to actually do," Cestero said. The department focuses on paint violations its own inspectors find, he said, often in response to tenant complaints. Rafael Cestero, a former HPD commissioner under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, said the measures would be hard to enforce.

Yet inspectors didn´t visit the Brooklyn apartment where Barbara Ellis lived until after her twin daughters tested high for lead three years in a row, she said. The girls required speech and occupational therapy for their developmental delays, common among lead-exposed children. They found peeling lead paint on doors and windows.

"It´s very important that lead paint hazards, when we identify them, don´t sit around. "Housing is a main way that young kids get poisoned," said Deborah Nagin, director of the city´s lead poisoning prevention program.

DeEtte Burnett, her daughter and her daughter's friend juggled multiple shopping bags Friday inside the Nordstrom store at a mall in downtown Anchorage. As they do every year, they are in town for the Thanksgiving holiday from Fairbanks to watch a hockey tournament.

for their Black Friday shopping tradition of visiting the downtown mall which they said they like because it lacks the throngs of shoppers who pack other Indianapolis-area malls. They left their homes about 6:30 a.

A 2004 housing code, Local Law 1, championed by then City Council member de Blasio, gave HPD broad authority to cite landlords for paint hazards and get them fixed quickly. Since then HPD has issued more than 230,000 lead paint violations to landlords.

A toddler can be poisoned by swallowing a dime-sized flake of lead paint, or by ingesting paint dust. Seventy percent of New York´s housing stock was built in the 1950s or earlier, when lead was still common in paint.

Black Friday has morphed from a single day when people got up early to score doorbusters into a whole season of deals, so shoppers may feel less need to be out. Sara Wernimont, left, and Christina Wernimont, both of Dubuque, Iowa, look for deals at Theisen's Home-Farm-Auto in Dubuque, Iowa, on Friday, Nov. (Jessica Reilly/Telegraph Herald via AP)

Last year, Macy's had a lot of unsold merchandise from the third quarter that needed to be liquidated. Macy's CEO Jeff Gennette says that customer counts are higher and business was better in the North and Northeast even with fewer promotions from a year ago.

Soil researcher Joshua Cheng, a professor at Brooklyn College, said more vigilance is needed. Residents in affected areas should avoid tracking dirt into homes, wash children´s hands often, and place clean topsoil in spots testing high, he said.

A tract on the well-to-do Upper West Side of Manhattan - adjacent to Riverside Park between 105th and 109th Streets - had rates similar to Flint´s even in recent years. Yet rates can vary wildly. The area features grand old buildings and multi-million dollar apartments, where renovations could put children at risk if lead safety practices aren´t followed.

" Reminded of a far more recent sale to a reporter, he said, "You must have bought one of the last bottles. When reporters returned to the Bisillah Grocery Store where they bought the Hashmi eyeliner, a shopkeeper said he´d stopped sales months ago, after a customer had an "allergic reaction.

"When I saw the numbers I freaked out," said Rabbi David Niederman, head of the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg. "The concentration of old housing and the number of children in them are big factors.Some smokers say that they enjoy the distinctive sensation of smoke. This desire is confirmed by reports that smokers do not derive as much satisfaction from nicotine delivered in ways other than smoke. Some experts believe that the respiratory sensation is an important component of smoker satisfaction.

Taubman said the question is whether shoppers will find what they need as more stores take merchandise from the floor to send directly to online shoppers. Taubman says he thinks traffic will be up more than sales as people want to be out.

That is twice the rate found across Flint, Michigan, during the peak of its notorious water contamination crisis in 2014 and 2015, where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found 5 percent of children´s tests were high.

o The areas where the most children tested high are in Brooklyn, including neighborhoods with historic brownstones and surging real estate values, where construction and renovation can unleash the toxin. The worst spot - with recent rates nearly triple Flint´s - was in a Hasidic Jewish area with the city´s highest concentration of small children.

At Westfarms mall in Connecticut, 300 people were in line for J. Chief Operating Officer Bill Taubman says the company reported strong sales in women's and teen clothing, footwear and electronics Thanksgiving night.

The results show that there were 17% more Strictly Come Dancing-related searches than those linked to Brexit. Game of Thrones-related searches were even higher - there were 24% more queries related to the fantasy show than Brexit. Microsoft´s search engine analysed some of the most popular terms and related queries in 2017 in an effort to understand where people´s interests and concerns lay.

Owning a monkey as a pet is about status in Borneo, Roxy our G Adventures guides says. While the government is cracking down on locals capturing monkeys to domesticate them, the illegal action is still prominent in some regional villages.

PLAYING THERE: The homestay runs day-time walks around the village and through the nearby jungle before an early evening cooking class with "uncle" and other locals. Guests are encouraged to go for a dip in the lake that streams down from the top of Mount Kinabalu.

Red Bulls coach Jesse Marsch said the cause is "something that we care a lot about and our club's relationship with the de Grandpre family and Julia de Grandpre has meant that whenever we have this night that it is special and that it is fun. And any time we have Julia around it is exciting.

The attention of the British people when it comes to technology is clear, with 17% more searches related to Uber´s London licence ban than that for the NHS cyberattack - this is despite the former being specific to London commuters, and the latter a national issue that sparked a global fear.

STAYING THERE: Tambatuon Village Homestead is located on the foothills of Mount Kinabalu and by the Kedamaian River. The accommodation is made up of dorm-like rooms and a common area, kitchen and bathroom. The local Dunsun tribe, the biggest ethnic group in Sabah, will cook you food sourced from the nearby paddy fields and jungle.

Penney store, Friday, Nov. A boy looks over a Black Friday sale item at a J. Black Friday has morphed from a single day when people got up early to score doorbusters into a whole season of deals, so shoppers may feel less need to be out. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Separation from the European Union and perceived nuclear threats may have dominated headlines in 2017, however Brits appear to have been more interested in the outcome of their favourite television programmes, according to new data from Bing.

Those who were out found plenty of parking spaces closer to the store than they would most weekend mornings. Inside, less than a dozen shoppers stood in line at a handful of the 22 cash register lanes that were open. At a Walmart in Toledo, Ohio, shopping ads left behind from the night before littered the mostly empty parking lot Friday morning.

The Kardashian was also searched for almost four times the amount as her North Korean namesake - Kim Jong-Un. Celebrities 2017: Kim still the queen of the internet While Britain - and the world - recently celebrated a royal engagement, Kim Kardashian proved once again that she is the queen of the internet, with more searches than most other celebrities. However it will remain to be seen whether Kim Kardashian´s 43% lead on Meghan Markle in 2017 can be maintained next year as the Suits star prepares to wed Prince Harry.

At a shopping complex in Miami, Georgina Martinez came out of a Target empty-handed, saying she couldn't find good deals on toy cars and dolls she buys in bulk to send for Christmas donations in her native Dominican Republic.

And the law´s explicit goal - elimination of poisoning - remains elusive seven years past its 2010 target date. But its inspectors aren´t able to visit all older housing in a city with more than 2 million tenant-occupied units.The substitute may occupy your hands or mouth, replace the sensation in your airway, or divert your attention and energy altogether. One approach to dealing with your resistance to giving up cigarettes is to substitute something for them. This section reviews methods of replacing cigarettes, other than those covered in the nicotine-replacement section.

However the public´s gaze was not on the field, but the stands, with "Meghan Markle Invictus games" winning 39% of the event´s searches. Without the Olympics or other global sporting events all eyes turned to Prince Harry´s Invictus Games.

The chain has had 11 straight quarters of sales declines at established stores and is counting on this holiday season to turn things around. The department store can't afford to turn off its customers. Earlier on Friday, Macy's CEO Jeff Gennette told The Associated Press said he was pleased with the kickoff to the season.

These researchers then wondered if they could find a safe substitute for the sensation of smoking that would help smokers quit. Their results suggest that the aerosol may be used by smokers trying to quit as a way of decreasing the craving for cigarettes. They developed a fine aerosol containing a mildly irritating but nontoxic solution of citric acid (a substance found in lemons and limes). Further studies showed that smokers rated the sensation of the aerosol similar to their brand of cigarettes or at least as good as a low-tar and low-nicotine cigarette. Their research suggested that this spray simulated the sensation of cigarette smoke.

Annette Peluffo said she doesn't usually do Black Friday but it was quiet and the lines weren't bad. At a shopping complex in Miami, people were easily finding parking and picking up items or heading straight to the cashiers without having to wait in line like it was a regular weekday.

Back in 2015, when Natalia Rollins moved here from a homeless shelter, the mother of two felt lucky. A city-sponsored voucher program, CITYFEPS, helped place her in a $1,515-a-month apartment and covered much of the rent.

SPEAKING: Zlatan Ibrahimovic went on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show and said he'd be at the World Cup. "A World Cup without me wouldn't be a World Cup," he said. But the LA Galaxy star didn't explicitly say he'd be playing for Sweden.

It is originally $350 but today they got it for $200. She also plans to look for house decor and furniture on sale. They went to Target first to buy a robot vacuum for her husband because that's the only thing he wanted for Christmas. Afterward they planned to poke around Neiman Marcus.

We started about two years ago and now fast-forward to two years later and we're in about 100 different venues. "I have a non-verbal boy who is 10 years old, which was kind of the driving factor in doing this because he's a big sports fan. They vary from sports, from NFL to NBA to NHL, to concert venues, to museums, to aquariums, places all across the United States," Maha said.

The product should only be taken under a doctor´s supervision, its packaging says. Manufacturer Emami Group acknowledged the product contains lead, as required by Indian regulations for certain Ayurvedic formulas.

Workers at a half dozen Amazon distribution centers in Germany and one in Italy walked off the job Friday, in a protest timed to coincide with "Black Friday" to demand better wages from the American online giant.

And they weren't just browsing, about 29 percent of revenue came from smartphones, Adobe says. Adobe Analytics, the research arm of software maker Adobe, says 46 percent of online store-site visits came from a smartphone on the holiday.

The Red Bulls have had an Autism Awareness promotion each season since 2015 with a portion of the proceeds going to Autism Speaks. The Red Bulls' efforts will be on display this weekend when the team hosts the Chicago Fire.

"Julia perceives the team - she calls them her friends. "I think some kids on the spectrum sometimes don't always have a big social network or group of friends," he said. She knows that this Saturday is special, she calls it her night with her friends.

In some ways the resulting headlines made this year feel hyper-real, but the data does show that in 2017 we have kept calm and carried on," said Kevin Stagg, Head of Marketing at Bing. There were also twice as many searches for "fidget spinner" than "Brexit". "We have well and truly observed the repercussions of last year´s elections and events.

For every search related to Trump there were six related to the weather in the UK, suggesting Brits were more concerned about rain and sunshine than the US President´s comments or actions. Backing this is the fact that there were 78% more searches for "BBC weather" than all searches related to Trump in 2017.

Nevertheless, it is not considered harmful, so you have nothing to lose if you want to try chewing gum. Chewing gum is one of the easiest things you can do to help You quit smoking. Unfortunately, there is little scientific evidence about whether it will help you or not.Interest in the Royal family remained as strong as ever with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle´s engagement, Kate Middleton announcing her third pregnancy and The Queen and Prince Philip celebrating 70 years of marriage. However, one of the year´s biggest royal events was "Princess Diana 20th anniversary", which far exceeded most other searches in the category.

In recent years, city health workers homed in on the poisoning cluster. UJO and other groups helped health officials conduct outreach, distributing lead awareness pamphlets in Yiddish, urging clinics to boost screening, and holding meetings for residents and landlords.

She doesn't buy online because she likes to see the quality of the toys in person but is afraid she may have missed out on early specials on websites for waiting until Black Friday to hit the stores. She said the toys were either too modern or too expensive to buy in bulk.

Noah´s language is developing, but Natalia worries about his acute sensitivity to noises and his pica behavior, a tendency to eat non-food items. Natalia, Noah and older brother Randy, who is autistic, are now staying in a Bronx safe house for lead poisoning victims operated by Montefiore Hospital.

The former captain has hit only 70 in his last six Test innings since his double-hundred under lights at Edgbaston in August. His determination to put things right has extended, typically, to extra net practice all week so far in Adelaide - and it can only be hoped that the pink ball proves to his liking again. There will be even more anxiety about the form of England's all-time leading runscorer Alastair Cook.

Toys 'R' Us is an extraordinary case, retail consultants said, because of the large number of toy vendors it relies on to fill its big-box stores. Hundreds of vendors have faced similar concerns in their dealings with bankrupt retailers such as Sports Authority and hhgregg, which ended up going out of business.

A number of recent advertising campaigns have emphasized this point. Chewing-gum companies occasionally focus on this fact. Many smokers enjoy the oral stimulation of smoking. Some of them market their product to help smokers cope during times when they cannot light up.

"The landlord would just ignore my calls. "I hated living in shelters, but nobody should have to live like this either," said Rollins, a daycare worker. When you´re on a voucher you´re treated differently.

Associated Press reporters David Rising in Berlin, Frances D'Emilio in Rome, Thomas Adamson in Paris, Chris Carola in Albany, New York, Rick Callahan in Indianapolis, John Seewer in Toledo, Ohio, Jonathan Mattise in Nashville, Jeff Baenen in Minneapolis, Tatiana Flowers in Denver, Rachel D'Oro in Anchorage, Alaska, and Adriana Gomez Licon in Miami contributed to this report.

In a bid to comfort, she suggests we write to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) who carry out work in the nearby regions in a bid to educate local villagers. It is no use talking to the apparent "owners", Roxy tells us.

Now Product Launchers, which supplies other novelty items like squishies from five toymakers to Toy 'R' Us, expects it will not be paid for the $500,000 fidget spinner order and other items following the chain's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing on Sept. 19, Product Launchers Chief Executive Linda Parry Murphy told Reuters.

More than 800 had levels at least twice that high. In 2015, 5,400 city children tested with an elevated blood lead level, 5 micrograms per deciliter or higher, New York´s most recent annual report on lead poisoning showed.

Observing trends therefore reveals a lot about our culture and where we place our attention. Some of the insights may surprise but ultimately, they demonstrate the connections we seek with other people, events, and generally the world around us," said Kevin Stagg, Head of Marketing at Bing. "The significant role that search plays in our lives reflects our natural curiosity about the world around us.

A macaque monkey is jailed in a small bird cage. It's agitated and as we move forward it pounces at us only to be immediately snapped back by the chain. The animal paces back and forth. A few steps away another macaque monkey is strangled by a metal chain leash locked around its neck. Its face is lowered as if embarrassed and its body is limp.

The road outlines a neighbourhood of brightly painted wooden homes and bamboo huts surrounded by rice paddies organised in perfect lines, and bordered by the jungle and the river. The path is freshly painted with tyre marks from those who drive from the village to Kota Kinabalu for work, food supplies and school.

Comrades in the Ennahdha party insist Slama is the right man to stand for office in Monastir -- a symbolic town for Tunisians as it is the birthplace of Habib Bourguiba, the father of the country's independence.

Octavius Crawford was out in person at the Mall of America for Black Friday because it's close to him and he'd save on shipping, even though he would get the gifts in a couple of days if he ordered online.For those who have escaped poverty or war in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Calais provides them with a base from which to try to cross illegally to Britain, the destination of choice for those who speak English or have family or friends in the UK.

They also give you something to "puff" on when you crave a cigarette. The benefit of this product is not clear. The best that can be said of this strategy is that the cigarettes are cheap and harmless. The problem is that although the fake cigarettes keep your hands busy, they may also remind you of smoking. These fake cigarettes may help you if you often feel like you have to keep your hands busy.

While exposure rates have dropped citywide - by up to 86 percent since 2005 - the number of children meeting New York´s criteria for lead poisoning, twice the CDC´s elevated threshold, barely budged between 2012 and 2015.

Typically in bankruptcy proceedings, even small vendors like Product Launchers can expect to receive payment for orders made after a bankruptcy filing, but not for past-due bills. As a result, Product Launchers is ending ties with the toy chain.

Anderson has already inquired of the umpires whether it amounts to intimidatory tactics. He knows it does not, of course, so will need to make sure he has packed the chest-guard again if he plans on getting into line in the cause. Among Australia's gleeful mutterings as they moved towards their landslide win in Brisbane were Mitchell Starc and then Smith's assurances that England's lower-order batsmen can expect the barrage of short-pitched bowling to continue throughout the series.

But really you want people in the store. That's where they can pick up the widget, the Lego, and the Barbie. "The products have to be exciting and worthy of visiting the store or online. "This holiday season will be a true litmus test for the in-store experience," said bankruptcy lawyer Corali Lopez-Castro.

The joy is mesmerising and has me falling well behind the rest of the group who have already turned a corner down the path. The river at the base of Mount Kinabalu doesn't wait for us either. I crave the water as the humidity drips off my skin. It rushes past using the momentum of the soaring mountain above it. One, two, three of them run tirelessly in circles. Giggles float in the air from a group of children and are only silenced by a large splash as they jump off a tall, wide rock into the gushing river.

The beneficiaries of the financing package are still unknown, but smaller vendors like Product Launchers do not expect to make the list. 5 million to $135 million listed as Toys 'R' Us' 50 largest claims. Its claim tops $1 million but the amount is well below the $2.

New York is just one of hundreds of American communities struggling with poisoning. states where recent high childhood lead test rates have been double those found in Flint. In a two-year investigation, Reuters has now documented 3,810 census tracts or zip code areas across 34 U.

Reporters bought several products that can be used by children or pregnant women from area shops, ordered others from online vendors, and sent 13 items for testing at an accredited laboratory. Six had lead levels exceeding consumer product safety standards.

Linda Adair, who was shopping Thursday at a J. Penney in Columbia, Missouri, came with her husband from nearby Boonville to buy presents for charity and family, mainly clothing for the couple's grandchildren. She said in-demand toys include fidget spinners and Hatchimals, although she jokingly said the latter is overpriced and her granddaughter "is not getting one from us.

Now, it is one of their best-selling smoking-cessation aids! One executive from a large drug-store chain remembers that his superiors laughed when he first suggested that they carry the product. Fake cigarettes, sold in many pharmacies, are plastic imitations designed to give you something to hold. Some of them contain a fragrance or a slight minty taste.

Employees are specially trained to make sure families are helped appropriately and guided in the right direction. But the Red Bulls' interest in accommodating kids with autism and other special needs goes beyond a room.

The loss of Product Launchers and other vendors, coming on the verge of the holiday season when Toys 'R' Us generates about 40 percent of annual sales, shows one of the risks facing the big toy retailer during bankruptcy.

Meanwhile Barbie maker Mattel Inc, toy and board game company Hasbro Inc and other large vendors like Lego could get full payment after Toys 'R' Us asked a bankruptcy judge to approve $325 million of special financing to pay top suppliers owed before the Chapter 11 filing.

In a warehouse near Piacenza, in northern Italy, some workers walked off the job to demand "dignified salaries. di union spokesman Thomas Voss said some 2,500 workers were on strike at Amazon facilities in Bad Hersfeld, Leipzig, Rheinberg, Werne, Graben and Koblenz.With winter looming, freezing temperatures could have devastating consequences for migrants who have no shelter or tents, said Annie Gavrilescu from charity Help Refugees, which distributes blankets and clothing in the area.

Peeling old paint is a conspicuous hazard, but reporters tracked other perils hiding in plain sight, from leaded soil and water, to dangerous toys, cosmetics and health supplements. The risk areas spanned New York neighborhoods and demographic groups.

Turning to local politics, "Jeremy Corbyn" was searched for more than "Theresa May", but when it comes to related searches such as "Theresa May Priti Patel", May had more than two and a half times the volume of Corbyn, reflecting people´s interest in topics around the Prime Minister.

They were sold by Elkay distributors from May 2017 through June 2017. DETAILS: Some Elkay and Halsey Taylor water coolers and bottle-filling stations. They are mainly installed in public facilities such as schools/universities, office buildings and airports. For more information on where to identify the model numbers and serial numbers on the units, visit website . The brand Elkay or Halsey Taylor is identified on the front of the units with a nameplate or embossing and the affected serial numbers begin with the numbers 1704, 1705 or 1706.

A remote-controlled Spider-Man drone is displayed during a news conference Tuesday, Nov. , released its annual holiday list of the ten most hazardous toys. 14, 2017, in Boston, where the child safety group World Against Toys Causing Harm, or W. (AP Photo/Philip Marcelo)

The windows allow parents and siblings to keep an eye on the match. The Red Bulls worked with Autism Speaks in designing the room. Today the quiet space is dimly lit with pale walls. There are fidget toys and other games as well as visual aids to help provide a distraction and calm anxiety.

The unequal vendor treatment is not unusual in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but it shows the tough decisions vendors face when retailers file for bankruptcy, as dozens have in recent years, succumbing to competition on price and convenience from Amazon.

Other NBA teams have followed the Cavs, including the Utah Jazz and the Sacramento Kings, who both recently opened sensory rooms with the help of KultureCity. Maha said not all teams have the space for such rooms, but there are other things they can provide, including bags that have noise-canceling headphones and sensory toys.

"Unfortunately, nationally and locally, we are beginning to see signs there is a leveling off in what was once a steep downward trend," said Rebecca Morley, a housing expert who co-authored a recent report calling for more aggressive national lead abatement policies.

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There are thousands of incredible images that come to mind when asked about my trip to Borneo. Turtles hatching and fluttering off to freedom on Libaran Island, orangutans swinging from branch to branch across Sepilok's jungle, the piercing yellow eyes of a baby crocodile glaring above the surface of the Sabah's longest river.

A local court in June ordered authorities to provide drinking water, toilets and showers to migrants and to allow charities to hand out meals. At the same time, it upheld government decisions to deploy extra riot police and not to build a new reception centre.

According to co-founder Dr. Julian Maha, the organization has helped sports teams across the country with programs developed to help visitors with a range of sensory issues, including people who have PTSD or those who have had strokes. The Cavaliers worked with an Alabama-based nonprofit KultureCity.

Consumers can also go to website and enter a unit's full serial number to see if it is included in the recall. com or visit website and click on "Product Recall" at the bottom of the page. , send email to Recall17@elkay. FOR MORE: Call Elkay at 866-243-3070 Monday through Friday from 7 a.

Toys 'R' Us' success in retaining vendors likely will hinge on confidence in its turnaround plan, dubbed "Project Sunrise," which envisions improved and integrated online and in-store shopping experiences.While poisoning has nearly been eliminated in many neighborhoods, Reuters identified 69 New York City census tracts where at least 10 percent of small children screened over an 11-year period, from 2005 to 2015, had elevated lead levels.

Among the sold-out ones, Silver says: Fingerlings robotic monkeys; Luvabella moving dolls; and Pikmi Pops and LOL Surprise Big Surprise, both of which hide dolls or small stuffed animals in plastic balls that are wrapped in several layers of packaging.

Among the other toys that made this year's list is Nerf's "Zombie Strike" crossbow, which the organization says poses the risk of eye and face injuries because it uses a pressurized, pull back lever to shoot soft projectiles.

Local stray cats and dogs look thinner than the usual pets around my neighbourhood in Sydney. It makes me feel uncomfortable but it's not an image I haven't seen before. I've lost those ahead but it gives me time to take in my surroundings a bit better. The cats are easily frightened and the dogs fidget and drag their bottoms along the ground.

She recently met with Columbia researchers and is taking a deeper look. Nagin, director of New York´s lead-poisoning program, said her department hasn´t usually prioritized soil risks in an urban environment where children´s access to yards is limited.

The rattle sings when a button is switched on. They were sold at Walmart, Kmart, Meijer, Mills Fleet Farm, Seventh Avenue, and at Amazon. com from November 2015 through November 2017. DETAILS: Vtech Shake and Sing Elephant rattle with model number 80-184800. VTech is stamped on the elephant. The rattle is about 7 inches long and the number 1848 is printed on the back of the rattle adjacent to the battery door.

NYCFC has won five games, more than any other team in the league. GAME OF THE WEEK: In addition to Saturday's match between the Red Bulls and the Fire, the Portland Timbers - coming off their first win of the season - host NYCFC on Sunday. The Timbers were winless in their first five games, which were on the road because of construction at Providence Park.

And while Slama looks at ease, joyously clapping hands on the campaign trail in the coastal town of Monastir, the 54-year old sewing machine repairman's decision to run drew fierce initial opposition from loved ones.

There were almost twice as many searches for GoT topics than there were for Love Island. Entertainment 2017: Fans look back and forward Game of Thrones and Strictly Come Dancing were by far the UK´s most searched-for TV programmes.

CALAIS/GRANDE-SYNTHE, France Oct 23 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - E very morning before the sun rises, when the frosty air is still and quiet, Afghan migrant Nabi waits for the screeches of trucks bound for Britain in the northern French town of Calais, hoping to jump onboard undetected.

Others say that interest in Slama's candidacy highlights that while Jews can practice their religion freely they remain an anomaly in Tunisia -- and shows the country still has a long way to go on minority rights.

division, said Thursday that in the company's online sales that began just after midnight on Thanksgiving, a broad range of deals from toys to TVs to slow cookers and Google Home mini gadgets took off. Greg Foran, CEO of Walmart's U.

GETTING THERE: Singapore Airlines and AirAsia both fly to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Borneo. AirAsia flies with one stopover at Kuala Lumpur. G Adventures will organise an eight-day adventure for you starting from $1499. The trip includes time spent in Turtle Island National Park, Sepilok's orangutan rehabilitation centre, Kota Belud, morning and evening river safaris in Kinabatangan and much more.

On the final stretch something catches my eye and raises the hair on my arms despite the overwhelming heat. I turn the last corner and re-connect with the group. Uncle is pointing to a vegetable he says we will use to make our dinner later tonight.

If it is 2-0 going to Perth next week, they will be all washed-up already. England are arguably as well-equipped as their hosts to take advantage, and must grab this chance to battle back. Whether it is a self-fulfilling mental phenomenon, or something more rational in the conditions, is a moot point - if you are three-down at dusk, you could soon be in big trouble. Two previous day-night Tests at this venue indicate a quick resolution, probably inside four days. Wickets tumble under lights, so it may even come down to which team ends up batting at the wrong time most often.

Brexit Andrea Leadsom 9. Michael Bloomberg Brexit 10. Martin Selmayr brexit stupid 7. Sadiq Khan on brexit 5. Beauty and the Beast 2. Brexit Germany economy 6. Theresa May Brexit defeat Top searched movies 1. Beauty and the Beast 2017 6. Top searched on Brexit 1. Spider-Man: Homecoming 10. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 7.

(Reporting by Lin Taylor @linnytayls, Additional reporting by Shanshan Chen @autumn33, Editing by Ros Russell. "For me, I can stay here. Visit website to see more stories) Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters that covers humanitarian issues, conflicts, land and property rights, modern slavery and human trafficking, gender equality, climate change and resilience. But (I hope the UK will) accept my wife and my children," said Mohamad.Along the walk, uncle points out the different plants and seeds the local people use for food, including salad leaves, jungle ferns, wild ginger and cocoa. It re-opens 15 minutes later, but by this stage we have well moved on. I bump a mimosa pudica, a "shy lady", and watch as its leaves fold inward and droop. As he touches the different plants and ferns, the rainforest speaks back to us as if inviting us to join in on its chaos.

Analysts at Bain say Amazon is expected to take half of the season's sales growth. With the jobless rate at a 17-year-low of and consumer confidence stronger, analysts project healthy sales increases for November and December.

The media frenzy is testament to "this obsession we have of judging (people) on the basis of something so personal as their religious conviction," says Yamina Thabet, an official for Tunisia's Association for the Support of Minorities.

Others include low-riding wheeled toys; swimming pools; all-terrain vehicles; toys with small parts; baby pools and garden buckets; backyard water slides; high-powered water guns; and bounce houses and backyard trampolines.

The community in the North African nation has shrunk from several hundred thousand before independence in 1956, to just 1,200 today. Slama and his relatives are among the small number of Jews still living in Tunisia.

Not only did Strictly receive 16 times its search volume, almost one in every 10 of the cooking programme´s searches was about judge Prue Leigh accidently revealing the winner via Twitter. Bake Off unfortunately failed to rise against its competitors.

"These toymakers were very reliant on Toys 'R' Us. It's their primary account, or the account that they were leaning on to make inroads in the toy industry, looking at the long term down the road," Parry Murphy said.

This theory was first tested by some researchers at the University of California at Los Angelesr They numbed the airways of smokers with an anaesthetic, alldwed them to smoke, and then inquired about their satisfaction. Blocking the sensation of smoke dramatically decreased the overall satisfaction of these smokers, although they were being exposed to the same amount of nicotine.

Sept 25 (Reuters) - This summer, toy supplier Product Launchers delivered 100,000 specially ordered DC Comics fidget spinners to Toys 'R' Us, unaware that the biggest U. toy store chain was in financial trouble.

WATCH claims fidget spinners contain small parts that can be a choking hazard, Mattel's Wonder Woman sword has the potential to cause blunt-force injuries and Marvel's Spider-Man drone has multiple rotating blades that can lead to eye and other bodily injuries.

"If I go to England, good life, good school, I would be happy," Nabi said, as he plays with a fidget spinner toy while volunteers around him distribute thick coats and waterproof shoes in an industrial district.

Total points won went to Murray with 138 to the Spaniard's 137. Unforced errors went to Murray who had 40 while Verdasco had 50. He only had a 61% average from 85 of 140 total while Verdasco had a 74% as he converted 100 of 135 total serves. Verdasco had more aces than Murray at 10 to 7 but he had more double faults at 6 to the Scot's 3. It meant that Murray was struggling to put the ball in play with his first serve while Verdasco was making sure his first serve always counts. As I checked the stats sheet for the match, it was evident that the two men battled neck and neck. I think the most important category that explains Murray's defeat is his first serve percentage. It also meant that Verdasco was attacking Murray's second serve which, given the high percentage of 56%, will not make someone win the match. Winners produced were almost equal with Murray having 52 to Verdasco's 51.

A repeat of last year's semi-final and final match up perhaps? These match ups can provide some juicy details on how the season shall unfold for all of them. Your guess is as good as mine! The top half of the quarterfinals shall pit Andy Roddick against Djokovic while Federer shall face Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina.

Last year, the NFL's Pro Bowl also put an emphasis on catering to fans with autism and their caregivers. The Seattle Seahawks, who started making similar bags available to kids in 2015, also provide a badge so that gameday staff can quickly identify kids who might need extra help.

The two shall be playing against each other for the first time. In the final men's fourth round match, Jo Wilfried Tsonga defeated James Blake in straight sets, 6-4, 6-4, 7-6 (2) to arrange a quarterfinal showdown against Verdasco. Who ever wins between the two gentlemen shall than face the winner of the quarterfinal match between Nadal and Gilles Simon of France.

DETAILS: VTech Lights & Lullabies Travel mobiles. The mobile has a white and pink or white and blue plastic arm that clamps onto the side of a crib. The mobile has a music button that plays music, nature sounds and nursery rhymes. It has three star attachments that hang from the top. The model numbers are 80-503000 (blue) and 80-503050 (pink). The pink mobile was sold exclusively at Amazon. They were sold at Kmart, Walmart and online at Amazon. The recalled mobiles were sold in blue and pink. com from February 2017 through November 2017. The model numbers are printed on the battery compartment door. The mobile measures 5 inches wide by 15.But England could do with Moeen Ali firing on all cylinders again - as he patently did not at the Gabba. The seamers are likely to have the biggest impact, of course, at the Adelaide Oval. He has been on light duties since in the nets, which must be a worry for the tourists. Outbowled there by Nathan Lyon, England's off-spinning all-rounder was struggling with a cut and blistered finger on his right hand.

France's Interior Minister Gerard Collomb in August said he requested an in-depth investigation of police work carried out in the area, following accusations of police abuse by global watchdog Human Rights Watch earlier this year.

McGregor fight, Anthony Joshua was decisively the most searched-for UK fighter, with more than double the search traffic going to the Watford-born heavyweight champion than the Irish mixed martial artist. Joshua also fought off those outside the ring, with almost two and a half times the traffic of British racing driver, Lewis Hamilton, and more than four times that relating to Mo Farah who this year ran and won his last ever professional race. Despite the huge interest in the Mayweather vs.

Rose Roberts of Toledo said she didn't see any of the craziness and it made it nicer. Celina Ramsey, 24, of Toledo, thought maybe she had missed all of the deals because there were so few people around. She found some sales, but less than she expected.

WHY: The hardware kits used to secure the wooden wall enclosures to the wall studs do not provide sufficient bracing support, posing serious tip-over and entrapment hazards that can result in death or injuries to children.

Inspired by his 10-year-old daughter Julia, who is on the autism spectrum, de Grandpre paved the way last spring when the Red Bulls became the first Major League Soccer team to create a "sensory room" to provide a safe space for young fans who might get overwhelmed in a stadium environment.

FILE - In this April 14, 2018, file photo, New York Red Bulls supporters celebrate a goal by Bradley Wright-Phillips, not pictured, during the first half of a soccer match against the Montreal Impact, in Harrison, N. The Red Bulls unveiled a special room at the team's stadium last season to welcome fans with autism, providing a quiet space from crowd noise and other sensory input that can be overwhelming. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File) The Red Bulls joined a growing number of sports teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are accommodating young fans with special needs and their families.

I'm not sure though if there were other cable channels who televised the match. It was a pity that the match was being played at the Hisense Arena as it meant that it shall not be given airtime via the TV by my favorite sports channel. It would have been fun for me to watch it as I try to figure out one thing, how did Murray lose the match against Verdasco?

Although the "Jungle" camp was demolished one year ago, a squalid shanty town that housed thousands, charities and authorities estimate about 700 migrants have returned to the area and are sleeping rough in parks or forests.

Cyclone Debbie, which hit north Queensland in March, was the biggest trending news search, while Hollywood media mogul Harvey Weinstein, was the international person Australians searched for most after sensational claims emerged in October about him sexually harassing and assaulting several actresses.

Aussies ultimately stayed true to their reputation for loving sport, however, with the Australian Open topping the overall list of terms that had the greatest spike in traffic for a sustained period in 2017.

, displays Nerf's "Zombie Strike" crossbow during a news conference Tuesday, Nov. (AP Photo/Philip Marcelo) 14, 2017, in Boston, where the child safety group released its annual holiday list of the 10 most hazardous toys. James Swartz, director of World Against Toys Causing Harm, or W.

what a crushing blow to the Scot in particular and to British tennis supporters in general. He knows how to finish his opponent off when he is leading. Andy Murray lost to Fernando Verdasco in five sets, 6-2, 1-6, 6-1, 3-6, 4-6. That isn't Andy Murray's style of play. Looking at the tennis live results, he seem to be able to get the upperhand against the Spaniard as he was up two sets to one. I can't remember him giving up such a lead and eventually losing the match. But what happened to him today showed otherwise.

Renslow says more than 60 of the 500-plus stores now allow shoppers to order online and pick up the goods at the mall. That's a big increase from a year ago. Shoppers can now reserve a premium parking space on an app before heading to the mall. Like other shopping centers, the mall has been fighting online buying by integrating technology with the shopping experience.

"Now they come to the arena knowing this is a permanent room that's available to them at any time. "What's been amazing to see over the span that we've had this available, the number of families who are season ticket-holders or come to our matches who have kids or loved ones on the spectrum would come to a match sort of walking on eggshells, not sure when the moment would come that could trigger some behavior where they'd either have to leave or try to find a calm place," de Grandpre said.