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Volta Football is exactly what 'FIFA 20' needs

"Sherry Layman" (2019-11-15)

-text c-gray-1" >I still remember it like it was yesterday. Back in 2008, I would spend hours and hours playing FIFA Street 3 on the Xbox 360, mostly because I loved being on the sticks pretending to be Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho. His dribbling skills, flair and overall playstyle made him the perfect player for a street soccer game. This is why I was pumped when EA Sports revealed it was bringing back its recreational Street series with a new game mode called Volta Football that's debuting in FIFA 20.

gc002-190715122427-thumbnail-3.jpgAnd while Ronaldinho is now retired from the world of soccer, there is another gem from Brazil who will be featured in Volta: Vinicius Jr., the 19-year-old wunderkind who plays for giant Spanish club Real Madrid. As nice as pro player cameos in the game are, the real star of Volta is the one you'll create and customize to your liking. This year's title is so dense that Volta Football could easily stand as its own game, but since EA made it a part of FIFA 20, that just means you have even more ways to spend time playing the game.

Volta itself has three main modes: Volta Story, Volta World and Volta Tour. To play any of these, you'll first need to make your own avatar, male or female, who you can make look like the real you by tweaking all sort of physical attributes. Your player can have long or short hair, brown or blue eyes, blonde or black hair and wear shorts or joggers. The Volta Shop.Once you get done with that vanity process -- I spent about an hour trying to make my player look super handsome and edgy -- you can get right into the action.

Volta Story is essentially replacing The Journey, the story mode EA introduced in FIFA 17, so this is where you'll play a campaign full of cinematic shots and cameos from the likes of Vinicius Jr. This mode is particularly important in Volta because, although there are street pitches you can play in New York City, Amsterdam, London, Mexico City, Tokyo and other places around the world, you'll need to unlock them by playing through Volta Story.

What I liked the most about Volta's story mode is that, as you win any three-on-three, four-on-four or five-on-five tournament, you can recruit players from the teams you just beat. And you'll need them too, since competition only gets tougher as you try to win the world championships, which is your player's ultimate goal in Volta Story. Think of those street players you're recruiting as big bosses you're taking out and then joining forces with.

It's a nice touch so that you don't always have the same teammates, and you can also customize the look of any player who joins your squad. "Edgarito" in Volta Football. As you might expect, your Volta avatar isn't that good right after you create them, but you can help them get better by trying different skill challenges and playing different tournaments.

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