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Do lonely women knot with their dog - Answers

"Cecilia Mize" (2019-11-19)

white women do

As well as black women, Japanese women, Indian women, etc... Never assume.

Can dogs knot with women?
yes a dog can knot with a woman

Can a dog knot a child?
A dog can knot anyone, but it's gonna hurt, depending on the size of the knot.

Can a male take a dog knot?
i want to take a dog knot

How big is dog knot?
The size of a dog's knot varies just like in humans. The size of the dog plays a large part in how big the knot is.

Can give you picture of dog knot how to knot with dogiee?
A dog knot is something that is done during a medical procedure. It deals with the tissue structure of a dog, and involves tying it to prevent other problems.

What is a sentence using lonely?
I'm so lonely. That dog is lonely! I'm not lonely..

How toUNDO DOG knot a dog?
they do it by themselves slowly

Are there any animal except dog knot with women?
Many animals are popular with human women. Females like to interact with dogs and also cats, birds, turtles and horses.

Can a male dog give a male human the knot?
Yes, a male dog can give a male human the knot. The male dog would have to penetrate the male human anally, and then the knot would eventually have to be removed from the anus.

How does a dog knot feel?
Dog knots often feel hard and slick in texture. A dog knot is known as the bulbous glandis. This is the dog's erectile structure.

Your dog has a knot on his stomach?
A knot on a dogs stomach could be many things. It is advised to take the dog to it's vet and 4050 have it looked at.

Why women get stuck from dog?
This is bordering on an inappropriate question since sex with animals is illegal. But the short answer is that a dog's penis is made to knot up inside a female dog. So that is why it can get stuck.

How quick does a male dog knot grow while intercoursing a female dog?
actually rather quickly, as his knot swells to keep himself inside the female. as he pounds deep that is the trigger for the knot to swell

Will a human vagina take a dog knot?
Yes. A woman's vagina can take a dog's knot.

Why can't a man get knotted with a female dog?
The man's penis doesn't have a knot on it like the male dog does. The penis causes the knot to occur, not the vagina.

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