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Shopping Street Strategy Level 13

"Brenna Bui" (2019-11-21)

id="mod_4204255">I made a post about how to beat the last level on Shopping Street but it doesn't work for all levels since there are a different number of shoppers and there are less days to beat it in. For this level, instead of putting the electronics store and market up front, I put them in the back.

There's probably a better layout for this level, but this one works. I generally placed and upgraded the buildings as they let me, but use your head. Remember that the goal of each day should be to make as much money as you can from the people on that day. Let as few of them leave the screen with money as possible. The earlier you earn, the more you earn. On this game, I had the bus stop placed on level 6. I received perfects ($1000 bonus) on levels 24-27 and on the start of day 25 I had 73% of the goal completed. (If you have less than 70% by day 25, you probably won't beat it, so you can try it again without waiting for the end).

Shopping Street Buildings
shopping street upgrades price speed capacity This is an unofficial list of the buildings to help you determine which upgrades to make. The "VERY SLOW", "SLOW", "FAST", and "VERY FAST" are based only on observation.

As always, if you have an alternative strategy feel free to share.

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3 years ago

$940,025! Thanks!


4 years ago

Here's my tip: (numbers mean days, + means upgrade, numbers after shops means building grounds)

1: pet shop 3, advance kedi mamasi news 2

2: boutique 1

4: + pet shop

6: + boutique

7: + pet shop

7 end: bus stop

7 end end: + boutique

and so on. build and upgrade electrostore and market asap and build furniture and jewelry after the market for customers which not go to market because the market is already full. upgrade furniture and jewelry if you don't get bonus.

my street: (only first letter) b t p e m f j r and news.

works for level 1-14. on level 15 i'm stuck (i had $1,097,760 RAGE! so close)


4 years ago

Thank you! I lost count of how many times I lost this level trying different strategies. Yours was the only one that worked. I laid out everything exactly as you had it and I FINALLY beat this level.

As someone else mentioned though, on a previous try the status bar did show that I had reached 100% but I still failed. I was really irritated.

But, thanks to you I finally passed this level. On to the next one!


7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Thanks a lot for the guide! I have been stuck on this level for a while. I actually wrote a review of this game too - website


7 years ago

i would say get all your shops first, then upgrade them- it works :)


7 years ago

GOSH THIS LEVEL IS HARD!!! but the newstands are really really helpful!! i would suggest not using as many music ads because you don't get any money for it


8 years ago

finally i passed the level... now i am in level 14


9 years ago

Thank you, I played this level so many times and I just could not beat it! But you're strategy actually worked.


9 years ago

First i kept all the news paper. before day 6 and buyed bus stop also trying to win but could not win now i am in level 19 with 32 perccent only i don't know what will be at 27 day but still try to win


9 years ago

i tried to win but could not win


9 years ago

i tried this startegy and had 72% by day 25 and ended up with 99%. this start doesn't work


9 years ago

I agree that newstand are very useful, because they slow down customers AND make you gain a little money. But when you reach the last days they become kind of useless because people don't stop anymore, they just go to store from store without siting on the benches or reading the newspapers. But in the first days they're really useful, especially because if you put two of them in front of the petshop at the very beginning of the game, you get a 1000$ bonus on day 1 and 2. :)

I could complete the game with a 83% at day 25, but with a different strategy. I wanted to take a snapshot but I forgot to, sorry. But what I did was : Market, Restaurant, Electro, Furniture, Jewelry, Toy Store, Petshop and Boutique, all fully upgraded except for the Market, and it worked really well. :) A little trick : if you have the choice between upgrading a shop and buying a new one, you should as often as possible buy a new one.


10 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

Never mind my little theory, it's the same game. Oh just one thing gigio. You're right that you have to spend $1,000 on a newsstand, which you may be better off spending elsewhere early on. But you do make $5 per customer, so after 200 people, it's profitable. I use them for the long term money and because customers won't keep slowing down for the same obstacles. A newsstand seems to be a good time slower.


10 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

Willow that's happened to me once before when I've finished a level real close. Al told me regarding level 7 website that my strategies are not working for him either. I have a hunch that they have tweaked the game and I am still somehow playing an older version of it. Can anyone confirm or deny this?


10 years ago

please respond to me this game is driving me crazy I have a perfect layout and I reach 100% but still fail what am I doing wrong?


10 years ago

Ican't believe that I have reached a 100% on level 13 and lost the level I don't get it at all.


10 years ago

I'm surprised this layout allowed you to finish the level.

First of all the boutique and the pet shop are too close especially for the first days.I put the pet shop on the third spot and the boutique on sixth.Also you should keep in mind that news stands make you spend money so I would suggest to build only benches and when you can music ads.The furniture and the market in the last spots is a very good idea that will help you in making a lot of money the last days.