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The Best Parental Control Software

"Mervin Martins" (2019-11-28)

The Best Parental Control Software
The online world is a great place but can also be a scary one for many parents of young children. You want to make sure your child is using the internet in the safest way possible whilst still having fun! So, to ensure this is the case, there have been some great apps created to assist you - Luckily, we're here to help you find the right app.
Readily available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Amazon Fire devices - Qustodio covers all platforms. It works by installing the app on your child's device and using your device to control different functionalities like setting general time limits for daily use.
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The filters installed on this app prevents access to inappropriate content. You can also see how much time your child is spending on social media sites which can be blocked entirely if necessary. Qustodio allows you to see your child's calls and texts, there is even the option to read their SMS messages (Android devices only) and block any contacts. This can be considered invasive to some parents; however, it may be necessary for some households.

For the basic blocking and monitoring features, this software is entirely free. However, for the more advanced tools, you will need to sign up to the annual plan costing £35.95, which covers five devices. While it might not be the cheapest, for the controls it offers and safety for your children, it is definitely worth the price.

Kaspersky Safe Kids
Similar to other control apps, Kaspersky allows you to set restrictions for what type of content your child can access. As a parent, you can filter out websites with rude or inappropriate content - there is also a new feature set for blocking explicit material from appearing in major search engines. Safe Kids will display a warning and notify you if your child ignores this warning.
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Installing Safe Kids on your child's mobile phone or tablet will allow you to utilise the location monitoring feature. With this, you can check your child's location at any time, but there is a further feature this app offers - geofencing. This feature lets you define the number of allowed areas and tracks whether your child has stayed within that region. If they do venture out, you are notified.

Kaspersky is a strong candidate for parental control software, and the apps are available for PC, macOS, Android and iOS all platforms can be protected. For the great price of £14.99 with the advanced features it offers, it is worth it.
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Net Nanny
Net Nanny is a well-known parental control software aiming to keep children safe online. One unique feature to Net Nanny is its mask profanity feature - you can either mask the offending words by overlaying symbols onto them or bar access to the page entirely. If your child is accessing a website that's not risky as such but may contain explicit language, this will be blocked.

Net Nanny Social (an extension of Net Nanny), includes a language detection function that will monitor messages posted on your child's social profiles. Within this element, it highlights keywords and phrases that show signs your child is being cyberbullied or interaction with suspicious profiles. You will be notified via email, which is a good tool that could stop potentially dangerous situations from becoming a reality.

You Which SIM network is best? Sim đẹp online can also limit/set the times of day when your child can use the internet via the parental control app. This is great for reducing your child's screen time, keeping them away from the internet to spend more family time. There will be no sneaking of phones or tablets as the apps will all be locked down after bedtime. Despite being priced at slightly higher than other competitors out there at £49.99 , Net Nanny does offer great advanced features compared to other apps.

Norton Family Premier
As we know, Norton is a reputable brand when it comes to the Antivirus protection world. Included in this particular family package is an advanced set of tools that helps to protect the younger members from the internet.

There are 22 filter categories, including topics such as weapons and gaming. When the filter has been enabled, it will completely block the site so that they cannot access them. If your child tries to visit a restricted site, they will be informed as to why the website is blocked. This activity is then recorded for you to review later, which is a useful tool.

Priced at £29.99 per year, Norton offers a reliable product to assist in your child's online safety. Whilst it may not be as advanced as other competitors; if you are a Norton fan, you may prefer to stick with the same reputable brand.
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With a selection of these services free of charge, with advanced features costing a small annual fee, it may be worth considering purchasing if you’re ever worried about the online world.