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Can you use any SIM card in any phone?

"Herman Serena" (2019-11-28)

Can you use any SIM card in any phone?
I’m pretty sure, yes it should work.

However there are a few things you need to know:

If you were switching from iPhone to iPhone, as Michael Jones said, it should work. The SIM card sizes are the same. It only goes down to whether the phone you’re transferring the SIM card to is locked, on the same carrier as the SIM card, or if it’s unlocked.
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However, if you’re transferring it to another device apart from iPhone (i.e. Android (Samsung, Google, LG, Moto, etc.), Windows Phone), then you may have a bit of trouble. First you have to make sure the SIM sizes are the same. Then you can worry about whether:

The second phone is locked on a specific carrier that is not the same carrier as the SIM card - Will not work

The second phone is locked on a specific carrier that IS on the same carrier as the SIM card - will work

The second phone is unlocked - generally will work.
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Again some phones may not follow these exact lines, and have different rules, but this is the general idea
Previously, most handsets were sold ‘tied’ to a particular network. You could swap the SIM card IF it was on the same network (for example 3 Mobile) - but you could’t put (say) an O2 card in a 3 Mobile phone.

You had to take it to a phone shop and pay a (extortionate) ‘fee’ for having the phone unlocked. These days it’s different.

Mobiles (here in the UK at least) are sold ‘unlocked’ - in that they’ll accept any SIM that physically fits the slot in the handset.
Some phones takes only nano sim, some take micro sim and the rest take regular ones.
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Some phones do not support bands used in certain countries and can be used only in the country where they are sold.

Some phones do not support bands used by few carriers.

GSM phones do not support CDMA sim and vice versa; some phones accept both.
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Some phones are locked to the carrier from whom you purchased and cannot be used with a sim from another carrier.
If it’s the same type of card, I.E. - If you’re gonna be removing a micro SIM card and putting in a different micro SIM card into the same phone, then yes, that will work.

If you want to put the larger type of SIM card (Standard) which obviously has bigger dimensions, then you’re in for a rough time. Most phones nowadays aren't designed to take that kind of size (hehe) and you’ll have to cut the edges out in order for it to fit into your phone.
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If you decide to use Virtual SIM cards, though, that won’t be an issue anymore. They’re convenient, affordable, and have all the features and functionalities of a regular SIM card.