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New launch of mobile phones in ASDA stores

"Horacio Nilsen" (2019-11-29)

New launch of mobile phones in ASDA stores
September is an exciting month for us here at ASDA as we introduce some amazing handsets into our stores. All handsets available are suitable for anyone who is looking for a reliable yet affordable smartphone.
We know how hard it can be choosing a new mobile phone and with newer handsets evolving, it can be a real challenge. So, to make things easier for you we have selected 4 models and various key features that make them great affordable handsets.

Alcatel U3 2019 Honor 8S Nokia 1 Plus Doro 6520
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Alcatel U3 2019
This compact phone is ideal for those wanting to delve into the world of Androids. With its 4" display and sleek design this phone provides an easy grip and comfortable feel. Including a Phone Guard feature that helps you save valuable battery and boosts performance. The Alcatel U3 phone is a great gadget that incorporates all the basics on a smartphone.

With great features such as Face Show and Selfie Album, it is ideal for taking photos. Young teens will love this as it’s a great smartphone without the huge price tag!
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Honor 8s
Huawei released this model back in April 2019 from their sub brand, ‘Honor.’ From its simple glass exterior to its dual rear camera, this model is aesthetically pleasing with great features considering the mid-range price. The Honor 8s provides a large 3020mAh battery meaning it will easily last a whole day without charge. Another useful feature is the fingerprint scanner that adds extra security to your device.

This model is ideal for any age range, particularly those who enjoy taking snaps and using social media - Featuring a 13MP rear camera makes this mobile a great choice for those who love taking photos. If you’re looking for a smartphone that provides more advanced specifications at a great price, then this is the perfect place to start.
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Nokia 1 Plus
The Nokia handset serves an element of class with its sleek yet compact design. Removable batteries were associated as a thing of the past, but not anymore! Nokia has reintroduced the removable battery into this handset which had great advantages such as changing the battery due to your existing power decreasing – something you can’t do with many newer handsets.

With its generous screen size of 5.45" and brighter display, the Nokia is suitable for any age, or in particular the younger generation who are looking to step into the world of Androids. The beautify mode element featured on this handset make it the ideal choice for those who love capturing the picture-perfect selfie.
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Doro 6520
This flip phone is designed for the older generation due to its simplicity and user-friendly features. Doro specialise in accessibility features and the assistance button incorporated in this model allows easy access for contacting your predefined help numbers, useful if you ever need help. The Doro 6520 has loud and clear sound with tone controls allowing you to personalise your hearing requirements.

Despite its simple design and function, this handset also offers the ability for web browsing, email access and games. Overall, this handset is a simple phone primarily aimed at people who just want something basic to call and text on.
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If one of these handsets catch your attention you can find them in store for an amazing price, and you can purchase an ASDA SIM only deal to go alongside this.