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Top 5 best camera phones perfect for them summer snaps

"Shayne Dicks" (2019-12-01)

Top 5 best camera phones perfect for them summer snaps
As we are now in the prime of our summer, we are faced with annual pressure to capture only the best summer photos. And let's be honest, we all dream of the highest quality phone cameras for them holiday snaps.
One of the first questions you may ask yourself when looking for a new phone is "How good is this camera?" As phones are continuously improving and camera megapixels are getting bigger and better, it is becoming extremely hard to keep up to date with the best camera phones on the market.
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So, let us save you the hassle of researching by giving you an insight into our top 5 quality camera phones around (and you’re still in time for the last of the sunshine).

Huawei P30 Pro OnePlus 7Pro Google Pixel 3 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus iPhone XS So whether it be that perfect sunset or family beach portrait, there is a phone on the market suitable for you. And don’t forget, we offer amazing sim only bundles - the perfect partner for your new phone. You can check out our SIM only deals here.

You’ve heard about the best camera phones out there, why not take a look at our top ranked waterproof phones?
iPhone XS Max
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1. Huawei P30 Pro
This swanky smartphone has a periscope hidden inside, allowing it to achieve almost five times optical zoom. Featuring not just one or two, but three cameras on the back - the main one providing 40 megapixels, an ultra-wide 20 megapixel and a smaller 8 megapixel camera for zooming. The phone has fantastic night sight with the ability to take clear photos at 25x zoom. All this high tech quality does come with a large price tag of £899. However, if the camera is the selling feature for you then this could be your ideal model.
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2. OnePlus 7 Pro
This model features three rear cameras, coincided with optical image stabilisation across two to give you ultimate performance. The pop-up selfie camera is yet another great feature to this device, ensuring high quality is achieved for the perfect selfie. Overall, the photo quality is solid with vivid colours and extremely sharp details. Whilst slightly cheaper than the Huawei, you are still in the top end of the market priced at £695.

3. Google Pixel 3
With an incredible dual 8 megapixel in the front facing camera alone, you’ll be sure to capture only the best selfies in full HD. And if this wasn't enough, Google has incorporated a 12.2 megapixel main camera with Optical Image Stabilisation. Let's not forget, this phone also has dual front-facing cameras, giving you great portrait-mode selfies with beautifully blurred backgrounds (also known as bokeh effect). Coming in at just under £500, this phone is one of the more affordable models yet still features an amazing camera.
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4. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
Samsung have created yet another great model with an improved regular camera. Not only is there a 2x optical telephoto lens, there is also a 123 degree ultra wide lens on the back.The different camera options are a real bonus to this model. From ultra wide to tele mode, you will find yourself experimenting with all of the different image processing features. This handset will cost you just short of £800, but if you’re a loyal Samsung user this could be the perfect upgrade.

5. iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max
The latest iPhone offers powerful rear cameras which are extremely simple yet effective to use. Whilst this model doesn’t match up to the high specifications as the phones above, the portrait mode featured on these two models are the most loved - high quality photos with blurred backgrounds are captured effortlessly. The new iPhones also feature phase detection which is great for continuously refocusing on scenes or targets that are moving. It is Apples simplicity and user friendly photo tools particularly featured in this model that has secured this iPhone to 5th place. Despite finishing 5th, this is the most expensive model in the ranking priced at £1149.
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Lets recap on the best camera phones in 2019 so far: