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Fresh avatars introduced for the LotRO forums

"Joey Dodds" (2019-12-08)

-text c-gray-1" >I'm sure we've all been there. Sitting around depressed, refreshing the Lord of the Rings Online forums over and over and wishing for more avatar choices. None of the 119 avatars available really capture the essence of you, do they?

Well cheer up friends, as community specialist saffron arabic coffee has dropped the bomb that there are now almost 100 new avatars to choose from, and there's bound to be one with your name on it. Early feedback from the fans appears overwhelmingly positive, and Saffron gives instructions on how to set your fresh new look:

You can choose or change your avatar by clicking on the User CP button above and clicking on the "Redact Avatar" section on the sidebar.

We all hope you enjoy with these new avatars!

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