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Hollywood Movie The Mummy - A Review

"Ruben Hooks" (2019-12-09)

\uc0bc\uc131\uc804\uc790, \uc790\ud3d0 \uacaa\ub294 \uc544\uc774 \uc704\ud55c \u0026#39;\ub8e9\uc573\ubbf8\u0026#39; \uc571 \ucd9c\uc2dc - \uc544\uc2dc\uc544\uacbd\uc81cUniversal Studios' latest 'creature feature', the Mummy, has been piloted as the first episode in their attempt to establish a Marvel-esque cinematic universe- recently entitled the Dark Universe. With big-budget stars like Tom Cruise, Star Trek: Beyond's Sofia Boutella and Russell Crowe, the Mummy was all set to be the supernatural movie of the year. And yet, a slightly over-extended plot, and read-by-rote acting bring it down.

We begin the movie with an extremely detailed prologue depicting the highly, highly evil antics of ancient Egyptian princess Ahmanet, who upon being deprived of her throne when her father's second wife has a son, kills all three of them and attempts make her lover the embodiment of the God of Death by stabbing him with the Dagger of Set. She is caught before she can do so and mummified alive, her body dragged to Mesopotamia and imprisoned inside a tomb of mercury.

Back in present day, we are introduced to US Army recon scout Nick (Tom Cruise), a soldier of fortune who steals ancient relics to sell them on the black market with the help of his droll sidekick, Lt. Vail. Hollywood Gossips Scandals, They attempt to ransack Ahmanet's tomb but are foiled by the vaguely undefined Jenny Halsey, an Egyptologist who wants to preserve it and its contents. Nick sets off the curse of the tomb in attempt to transport the sarcophagus- with Ahmanet's mummified alive body inside- out of the war zone at Jenny's insistence, and soon his friend Vail is possessed by one of Ahmanet's minions. A plane crash, medieval dismantlement of said dagger and a sequence of awakening mummies later, Nick and Jenny (who have fallen in love by now) as well as Ahmanet- whose mummified body has recovered somewhat human form by sucking souls from living Brits- are captured by the shady organisation Prodigium. Upon escape, Nick must now continue evading both the Mummy and Prodigium in order to avoid death and/or the tempting offer of being a living God.

Hollywood Entertainment News, 장애 Plans have been unfolded by Universal to remake many of its older movie franchises, from the Bride of Frankenstein to the Phantom of the Opera, with each movie adding its own part to the Dark Universe and characters crossing over. The immense resources and forethought that have already gone into this Universe and its upcoming movies put a sort of unnecessary pressure on The Mummy to whet your appetite for the rest of its universe.