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This mummy's skull was recreated via 3D printer

"Rex Gandy" (2019-12-10)

41200267722_29a2f566a6_b.jpg-text c-gray-1" >Using a mummified head found in the collections of the University of Melbourne, scientists were able to reconstruct the skull of a deceased 25-year-old woman from via 3D printer.

The head and face, which were brought back to life with forensic science and 3D printing, were determined to have belonged to a woman. The specimen's been named Meritamun, and the woman likely wasn't older than 25 years old when she passed away. The fact that she was mummified meant she was someone of high enough stature to warrant such treatment after death.

A museum curator originally happened upon the head while performing an audit and sent it in for a CT scan, and that's where the magic began. Varsha Pilbrow, biological anthropologist at the University of Melbourne, states that the skull looks "well" on the inside and is "actually quite 장애 아이 intact."

Still, despite its great condition and the fact that the skull was easily replicated via the results of the CT, its actual origins remain unknown. There's some speculation, however, over what kind of diseases she could have had as well as dental issues.

It's not explicitly clear how she could have died, but Pilbrow and the rest of the researchers involved in the project may well figure out a glut of additional details about the woman's death as time goes on.

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