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Polytechnic Diploma Right Gateway For Engineering

"Rico Faulding" (2020-01-07)

77142656_2461280670811888_27685659835542If any student is interested in engineering, then starting from the basics will give him an upper hand for higher level education. The student gets a basic knowledge of engineering field by performing various practical's in the polytechnic course.

All the basics in the syllabus of engineering can be learnt in the diploma course. The students can gain an upper hand if they pursue from best diploma college. Polytechnic Diploma: Right gateway for engineering.

Why is diploma the right gateway for engineering? In this course, students come across the basic concepts which are required to pursue higher education. After 10th class, students have option i.e. either to join a junior college or pursue this diploma in a polytechnic to study engineering later.

The students coming from the junior college, when they take an engineering program after their college, they take the time to understand the aspects, but the students from polytechnic course don't require time to understand as they already have studied these technical aspects in diploma.

This basic foundation makes a lot of difference. This happens as the curriculum in the six semesters of the diploma course is well defined by the MSBTE. The students hence develop several skills with experience, which enables them to carry out the tasks with accuracy.

It has always been observed that the students pursuing diploma really do well wherever they work. How do students get the experiences which prepare them for the market? The polytechnic diploma is a much liked programme, and in addition to that, students willingly choose summer internships between the semesters.

Though these internships are not compulsory, most of them like to attend since the real world experience means a lot to them. We understand that the students are not going to be given the most important tasks through their internships, but even then they learn a lot by research.
Being in the environment and knowing how things progress allows them to understand how to relate their classroom learning to the practical world. At PCP, students also receive a lot from the professionals who visit the college for guest lectures as well as give seminars to the students.

Experts come here and communicate with the students about the trends in the industry. We also have a vast chain of alumni, who often visit and teach the students about what is required from them once they pursue and get out to join the industry. Salary The students pursuing diploma can avail a good salary according to the jobs they get.
A design engineer can earn a salary up to Rs. 4, 20,000 per year while the mechanical engineer can avail a salary up to Rs. 4, 50,000 every year. A product development manager can get an average salary of Rs. 6, 80,000. A maintenance engineer can earn a salary of Rs. 4, 00,000 every year.

A CAD designer can avail average salary of Rs. 8, 00,000 per year. Are there any specific teaching principles that the teachers use? It is a very individualistic way. Yes, the staff uses case studies and role play to give the students a better understanding. Every faculty has his/her own principles, which they use for best effectiveness.
Take for an example, in one of the subjects, the faculty teaches technical aspects by allowing students to play cricket - a very distinctive kind of a play - technical cricket, and the students love it! The English teachers also collaborate with other teachers teaching technical subjects to make a dictionary which would help the students to learn the difficult words.

Moreover, PCP provides the best faculty practices across the best diploma colleges in Pune. The faculty also picks up a few new classroom methods. Are students assisted on studying academic papers for their job? The MSBTE contains two competitions every year in four regions of Maharashtra and students who compete in these competitions study many academically published papers.
A jury from the industry judges the study which turns out to be beneficial as they get to know the needs of the company. In this way, they are inspired to read up academic papers to help them excel in their career. Do the students from another background mix easily?

Discipline is a big leveler. Diploma institutes have students from all backgrounds - those whose fathers are completely set with their business and also those who are children of daily labors. But the rules are equal for everybody. How often do students go for engineering after pursuing the diploma?
Over 90% of the students go for this option i.e. they go on further to pursue engineering as the societal mindset is set. Also, as the degree can secure them better opportunities. Some of them who want to work immediately due to financial problems are placed as junior engineers.The students often think that they are rotting in the industry if they don't go for the engineering option. Sometimes they believe that they do not receive the promotion just as they have only pursued a diploma and not an engineering degree.

That is the main reason why students want to go further for the degree.