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Strangest Championships Worldwide

"Quinton Longstreet" (2018-09-17)

In todays article, we will have chances to discover the oddest championships around the world including toe wrestling, sauna competition, wife carrying, mobile phone throwing and rock-paper-scissors game. Lets take a look at the vivid images and videos below to know more about these strangest championships.

Toe Wrestling Championship

Arm wrestling competition is rather familiar to everyone. Have you ever heard about Toe Wrestling Championship? It is considered to be one of the strangest championships started in the 1970s. Since 1976, Toe Wrestling Championships have taken place in the third week of July in Ashborn, England. The competition is open to everyone who big toes are linked together into a position. Then they are required to place the palms of their feet together and try their best to force the others foot into submission.

It was reported that World Toe Wrestling Organization proposed this championship as a competition in the Olympic Games, but it was not accepted.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship

The World RPS is widely known as a group dedicated to promoting the weird championships around worldwide sex. Since 2002, the World RPS Society has initiated Rock-Paper-Scissors Champions in Toronto, Canada. This strange championship attracts a lot of participants from many parts of the world. Especially, Rock-Paper-Scissors Competition is usually sponsored by big names including Yahoo. The winner is awarded Canada $10,000.

Rock-Paper-Scissors is commonly considered to be a universal method of conflict resolution for children and immature adults

Wife Carrying Championship

At the early of July every year, Wife Carrying Championship is held in Sonkajaervi, Finland. According to the rules, participants have to carry their over-50-kilo wives to run for about 250 meters and overcome many obstacles. Husbands can navigate the course however they want as long as wives are allowed to touch the ground.

The prize for the winner is his womans weight in beer

Sauna World Championship

Started in 1999, Sauna World Championship takes place in Heinola, Finland every August. Its rule is rather simple. The competitors must sit in a 100 Celsius-degree sauna and every 30 seconds, half a liter of water is added. The person who is capable of sitting the longest is the winner.

In 2009, this championship attracted more than 150 competitors from over 20 countries including Belgium, Belarus and Sweden.

Mobile Phone Throwing Championship

Throwing unwieldy crap as far as possible is one of the oldest tests of strength and skill in history. Athletes in these games must train long and hard to break the previous records. However, chances still open up for you if you are not strong enough to take up those sports. In Finland, Mobile Phone Throwing Championship is annually held in Finland. Winning the competition, you will become well-known all over the world.

Participants of all ages can become the winner as long as they succeed in throw the mobile phone the farthest.

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