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Fashion Editors Jump To Web, Business Coming With Them

"Vickey Worley" (2018-09-19)

The Observer
chronicles the recent high-profile defections from the editing ranks of fashion magazines to online. Former Jane editor Brandon Holley
had options at other glossies when Jane folded, but she took a gig as lifestyles editor at Yahoo. Thankfully, she will continue to make "Conde Nast level money."

Others to leave the world of fashion glossies to the web include former Elle staffers Hillary Kerr and Susan Cernek. Kerr started her own blog Who What Wear
last fall, umkm and Cernek jumped to the blog GlamChic
. Jezebel editor Anna Holmes is a former staffer at InStyle. The three will be among a growing coterie of bloggers at Fashion Week, which starts a week from Friday.

This sounds like a retro story, but fashion/luxury brands is one of the last ad categories to move ad budgets online, meaning the fashion glossies have been cloistered from the forces ravaging other categories. Until now.

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