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Music Stations Gain From First Ppm Numbers

"Lester Rosenbaum" (2018-12-22)

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In June, former WLTW PD Jim Ryan was named PD at WCBS FM replacing Brian Thomas. He would also retain his titile as PD at WWFS. Tony Mascaro was named OM at WABC. John Foxx was named PD at WPLJ.

Audiopush is a it again, but these occassions in another "sensual" ways. Their new single "Up n' Down", which could be heard on Power 106 and 918kiss online, gives their female friends something to scream about, and couples a new ringtone per other. It's a song as to what every man wants knowledge to their girl exactly what every girl wants being from their man, and they also will be performing keep.

The new PPM numbers, now ranking stations among listeners age 6 and older, put classic hits KJR FM on top, followed by KMPS and KRWM within a tie for second. News station KOMO, which started simulcasting its programming on FM in May, seems have taken advantage of the move, topping talkers in 4th.

The other big landscape change came at 12:01 AM on November 2nd when free online games.9 became WFAN FM. This whole thing started actually on July 17th when WEMP, the failed all-news experiment, abruptly came with halt. At 10:05 AM that morning, an announcement was made tha good news format was coming a good end and WEMP would go back to a "new rock" format. The cal letters were changed for you to WRXP on July 25th and rock fans were happy to get their music backed. In their last book as a news station station, kissing games online they pulled a .6. They never got any higher than a .7 all the their time as a newser. Within the next book as the rocker, they pulled a 1.6. They made it to a 2.2 in October and that maybe it was. The rock was gone and WFAN had their FM outlet on November second.

All in all, 2012 was a pretty good year in New You are able to. As 2013 approaches, we all wonder what could happen in fresh year. Right off the bat, we'll discover what Cumulus titans do with 94.7.

I have enjoyed currently talking about New York radio in 2012 . i thank everyone who have got the to be able to read my articles. I appreciate your interest higher than you'll ever know. Believe and household will have a wonderful holiday and the happiest of brand new year's. Peace, health and happiness is my want to you the actual planet coming august.