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Radio Stations In The Phoenix Area

"India Tinsley" (2019-05-03)

Greetings my friends from my not minding its not 10 below windchill part of turmoil. Starting of NASCAR season is 2 weeks away, pitchers and catchers have started working out and at announce victory this week will the temperature get below 20 so its all good and scr888 download pc getting a great deal better. That means ONE MORE excuse for not going out is gone! So to help you out here are many ways. BUT before I help lead you on your excursion into fun and frolic, MUST wish one of my two fave bartenders at the Twist & Shout a sizable HAPPY belated birthday bash! Happy Birthday Jenna! Celebrate again this week..why not? OK, on with the show! !!!

Jeff - Well early and late, I'm nervous onstage. Probably up until the last couple years I used always extremely nervous to start up on stage especially television. I'd such a phobia about it and was so worried about creating a mistake I am nervous about it that I went a few hypnotist to utilize and get hypnotized to never be so nervous and afraid to buy on television. I got over that the hypnotist didn't help me but I started going out and doing shows little own along with very pleased. I feel really very comfortable now on tv and on stage asap.

I also FB with Rick Dees, scr888 tm a multi-talented radio personality, song writer (remember "Disco Duck"), who held Are generally captive by using his long-running prime time morning show on 918kiss download link and later as charge off DJ/host on Movin 939.9, which he left when, much for scr888 download pc the chagrin of millions of fans, the station switched to a detailed Spanish for scr888 download pc every sufferer format. I happen to understand he can speak the words but guess management preferred the the real guy. He still streams on line and does the Weekly Top 40, hey it airs in Asia. That's Dees pictured above at his lavish Dees Entertainment Studios (photo courtesy of Dees Entertainment).

In November, 92.3 Now would change their call letters from WXRK to WNOW FM. The WXRK call letters existed on this subject frequency since July 13, 1985, other than a brief foray to WFNY in 2006.

And, as i am while on the food topic. You really must check out the $4 Texas Breakfast that Frank @ The Firehouse hands over. 2 eggs, 2 meats, hb, toast and low. Yes you heard right $4! Open M- F 8 am! So there ya go.

Zane: I cannot give you exact numbers but it is always cost 5% of exactly what the Black Eyed Peas last video amount. Our mom, Marti Heil actually did the costuming for 90% belonging to the cast. Guidelines and meal plans her wardrobe, she really is creative and also jewelry as well so we used a lot of her jewelry pieces within it. I think it the 27 person crew, each and every person worked for free for four days in 104-110 degree weather.

You know what, it might probably be my website! That's what I would say about everyone else: "Don't they realize and the keeps on happening?" Could possibly be my lifestyle. But, on the other hand, are not afraid of don't join other strips. They just kind of end in which. Through past experience I think I'm not the crazy one. But who can guess. Let's not rule that out!