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Will putting cantaloupe rinds in the disposal hurt the disposal

"Mitchel Benn" (2019-06-07)

My roommate just broke my disposal by putting cantaloupe rinds in the disposal. They are just too thick.

Can guinea pigs eat watermelon rinds?
Yes, won't hurt them. Read More

share: Is it okay to eat watermelon and cantaloupe seeds?
Yes, the seeds will not hurt you. Read More

share: Can you put corn in garbage disposal?
yes it won't hurt your garbage disposal to put corn in it Read More

share: Is it ok to run the garbage disposal when the dishwasher is running?
Yes. Your dishwasher discharge hose is probably hooked into the side of the disposal. Running your disposal will not hurt the dishwasher. Read More

share: Does putting in a tampon hurt im really scared?
Inserting a tampon should not hurt - being a virgin makes no difference as to whether it will hurt or not because sex doesn't change your vagina in any way - if scared there's no reason to use tampons. When it comes to inserting tampons you're in control so if you do start to feel pain then you just have to stop and address the cause of the pain. As long as you're relaxed and... Read More

share: Will rind of cantaloupe hurt your chickens?
No. They will eat any remaining fruit and leave the rest. It is nutritious and entertaining for them. Read More

share: Can your dog eat cantaloupe melon?
Sure. Not a meal of it, but a little tidbit now and then won't hurt a dog. Read More

share: Does putting a dentistry spacer hurt?
NO.... its just a slight pressure and that's it.... spacers hurt more than braces though... put putting them in is nothing. Read More

share: Does putting the wire on braces hurt?
no it doesnt Read More

share: Is it okay to put coffee grounds down a garbage disposal?
Doesn't hurt a thing. Read More

share: Can you hurt yourself by putting things in your ass?
yes and no Read More

share: Does it hurt when the dentist is putting on the braces?
yes, it does big time........ Read More

share: Is putting on braces hurt?
Well People in my class room say they hurt when you have them on, but i dint know if they hurt if you are getting them on. I don't know if waxing them hurts. Read More

share: Does shaving cream hurt car paint?
I want to play a trick on someone by putting shaving cream on their truck & putting cherries on top! Will the shaving cream hurt the paint in any way? Read More

share: Why does putting water in your Anus hurt?
normally it wouldn't hurt, so if this is the case, u might need to consult a doctor. Read More

share: Do injections hurt more than vaccines?
Injections hurt, but vaccines hurt more. The vaccines are putting antibodies into your blood stream, so the pain is your immune system reacting to those antibodies straight away. Injections may be for anything, whether taking out substance or putting substance in. But vaccines definitely hurt much more.Hope this helps! Read More

share: Does getting braces hurt if you have crooked teeth?
Not really The Orthodontist can hurt you putting them in but this is rare. Your teeth can Ache but again this is rare, does not hurt much and will not last long Read More

share: Does it hurt when you are getting your braces done?
At the beginning it doesn't but after a few hours of putting them in it does. Read More

share: When your pregnant does it hurt when you lay on your stomach?
Yes it does your putting pressure and wheight on the baby Read More

share: Does putting toothpaste on your breast hurt?
I am not sure why you would want to, but as the mouth is much more sensitive than the breast I wouldn't think it would hurt. Read More

share: Does putting garlic on your mole hurt?
well it kinda hurts it like a stinging but its not that bad Read More

share: Will putting to much transmission fluid in your 1993 Ford Ranger hurt your transmission?
Yes Read More

share: How did mullet fingers get hurt?
Guard Dogs bit him when he was putting snakes in the construction site. Read More

share: Your Hamster is putting food in her pouch then putting it back?
When your Hamster is putting food in his mouth, and not swallowing it, it means he/she is putting food in his cheeks. it doesn't hurt them, they just store them into their cheeks for later. Every hamster does that, don't worry too much! ~Hope this helps!~ Read More

share: Why do bee stings hurt but fly bites itch?
bee stings hurt because there putting their venom in you and the same thing for fly bites but diffrent venom Read More

share: Dose putting in a tampon hurt?
Using tampons shouldn't hurt, although it can be uncomfortable. Tampons can be uncomfortable because they dry-out the vagina and because they can expand into the cervix so increase menstrual cramps. As long as you're relaxed and insert tampons correctly they shouldn't hurt, if you're tensed-up tampon insertion may be painful as you may have to force the tampon into the vagina and if not inserted high enough muscles will push against the tampon as you... Read More

share: Is putting toothpaste on your nipples bad for you?
If it can go in your mouth I don't think it is going to hurt your nipples. Read More

share: How can you protect your spinal cord?
You can protect it by if hurt putting a brace around it. But there are many other ways. Read More

share: Can you get hurt putting on a horse rug?
Yes because you dont know what the horses next move is Read More

share: Why does it hurt when I put in a tampon?
It shouldn't hurt if you are using the tampon correctly, but a few ideas as to why it may: You're using too high an absorbency for your flow, or trying to insert during light flow. You're tensing-up so vaginal walls are clenching together making insertion difficult. You're inserting at the wrong angle so unintentionally pushing into the vaginal walls. You're hitting your cervix during insertion, which would cause menstrual cramp like pains. You're not inserting... Read More

share: Why do your fingernails hurt after you take off polish and not put new polish back on?
it shouldn't hurt but maybe you are allergic to the fingernail polish or fingernail polish remover you are putting on Read More

share: Why does your stomach hurt when you exercise?
You are putting too much strain on the muscles you call the 'six packs'. If they hurt a lot you have torn them. So you need to go slow and steady. Read More

share: Do braces hurt while putting them on?
To me the braces doesn't hurt. Before thinking of getting braces think of a person putting super glue on your teeth it doesn't hurt that bad. Then you can choose your color for your braces 1 time every month. But if you put your braces like when you are 17 it hurts more so I recommend you to do your braces as soon as possibleI took out my braces already. =] Read More

share: Does it pain while putting braces?
braces hurt for only the first week or so. after that you'll get used to it. Read More

share: How do you make a busted burn hurt less?
try putting aloe vera on it this will burn a minute but it helps Read More

share: Will putting horse shampoo on eyelashes help them grow?
NO, also if it gets in eyes it's going to hurt! Read More

share: Why are girl's anuses so flexible?
They aren't. They aren't different from man's anuses and putting something in it will hurt. Read More

share: What happens to your hand if you stick it in the garbage disposal when its on?
it is gonna hurt (correct me if i am wrong), pls try yourself with a recorder & u may famous as the actor in jackass. Read More

share: Can budgies eat honey?
Budgie's can eat almost anything, so yes, and honey wont hurt them if they eat it. WARNING: never give budgie's cantaloupe it can make them very sick. anyways i have a budgie of my own too. Read More

share: Do getting braces hurt?
When they're putting them on then NO but you won't like the yukky stuff they put it tastes nasty. The first week then YES it will hurt ALOT the first week you get them. After that it doesn't hurt at all. But when you get them tightened then they hurt for only that one day. Good luck if your getting them, the results are amazing! :) Read More

share: What are the importance of warm up exercise?
so that you don't hurt your self when putting your best out before loosening up Read More

share: Does it hurt while they are putting braces on?
You will feel pressure but not enough to be painful. They will numb your mouth so you won't feel it. Read More

share: What does it mean when your nipples hurt and itchy?
They could be growing, irritated or an infection. Try putting on some lotion or scratch them. Read More

share: How do going to war hurt our economy?
Because they started putting more money into the military funding. Read More

share: Does it hurt putting dog to sleep?
No because dogs doesnt feel it they heart just slow down slowly... Read More

share: Can a human be hurt by putting your finger in a crayfish?
The immediate impression from the question is that the crayfish is much more likely to be traumatized. Read More

share: When you have a period does it hurt?
It depends, for some people it doesn't hurt at all, but for others it is really painful. Most people get cramps at the start of their period, these do hurt but you can do things to help relieve them like exercise and putting a hot water bottle on your tummy. Read More

share: When you get your braces do they hurt?
When you are at the orthodontist and they are putting on your braces they do you hurt but after a few hours it you will feel a little pain because your tooth is shifting and remember to not drink cold water or else it will titan your braces and that will hurt and when you drink warm water your braces will loosen up Read More

share: Does a pet waste disposal company need to be bonded and insured?
Wouldn't hurt, I'd contact an agent and seek advise on what risks might be associated with this business that I need protection from. Read More

share: Will putting a car spark plug in your lawnmower hurt it?
You may do serious damage to the lawnmower if the wrong spark plug is installed. Read More

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