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Imagine you just read an article and found it pretty interesting

"Aimee Hotham" (2019-07-02)

24Imagine you just read an article and found it pretty interesting. Probably, you want to thank the writer and thus leave a comment on the post. OR You read an article written on debatable issue and disagree to a point mentioned by the writer. Assuming you as someone who loves to raise his viewpoints, you left a comment elaborating your disagreement.

For readers, leaving a comment is the way to put forth their thoughts but for marketers it is another form of marketing. Comment Marketing is popular in Internet marketing industry and almost every SEO Company in Delhi utilizes it for bringing websites to top search engine rankings. Here, the matter of discussion is whether the comments you made were helpful in driving visitors to the desired website or not.

Though there is no fixed way to become successful in comment marketing but some of the ways that would be helpful in a long run are as follows:

Don't Build a Link, Build an Identity

Most of the comment spammers are afraid of being caught and thus use different name and images for bunga papan jakarta posting comments. However, if you truly wish to avail some benefit out of comment marketing then start focusing on how to build an identity. Use your real name and a real image every time you post a comment. It helps blog moderators in recognizing you as a genuine reader and not a spammer.

Post Valuable Content in Comment Section

No matter where you are posting the content, it has to be valuable everywhere. Yes, we mean in comment section too. For instance, a valuable comment is where you add a point that the writer forgot to include. Or you can elaborate on a point so that your comments fascinate readers to visit your target blog or website.

Target Right Blogs & Websites

There is no denying the fact that this is the first step in comment marketing and every marketer is aware of the same. Despite the awareness, many professionals skip the step of finding right blogs and start posting comments on any and every blog that they come across while browsing. However, this approach is not fruitful and comments should always be posted on relevant websites.

Stop Putting Direct URLs

If you think placing the direct URL of the target website would help in winning customers they you are going wrong. Instead of giving only URLs in comment section, suffice it with relevant set of information.

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