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A Look Into Nail Trend - These Are The Most Popular Nail Shapes For 2019

"Alicia Kellum" (2019-07-19)

1062Nails are considered a girl crowning jewels, flattering your nails with the finest colors of the nails and its designs makes its look amazing. You can spell beauty and elegance for the conveyor with special care and respect to it.

The minute you're sitting for nail care, you're just finishing up with the decision to shape your nail oval or round. The shapes you remember became blurry or you couldn't build up enough confidence to get a new shape of trending nail. Even after many nail tech suggestions, you end up with a simple nail that looks more eye-catching in this instance.

Don't worry, StyleU Salon one of the best Nail care salons near you has come up with some classy solutions. The right shape combined with perfect hands and fingers could only make your day, as your nail shape not only complements your nail design but also flatters. So we've come up with 5 trending nail shapes after small research and personal use that are suitable for every girl out there, This suggested shapes not only look cool and classy but also trends the Instagram pages.

Oval: The Perfect Lifestyle Shape

Due to its classic and elegant design, the Oval Nail Shape tops the list of everyone favorite nail shape. It is the design of egg-shaped nails combining the shapes of round, square and almond. For wide beds and long nails, this shape is best. With perfection, extreme curving tends to make fingers look slimmer. The best part of the shape of the oval nail is the least breakage chances and easy maintenance. Its best for the busy lifestyle women.

Stiletto: The Divine Drama Shape

Renowned for giảm cân hiệu quả its drama design, Stiletto is considered one of the most creative, daring and creative designs. Because of its pointed and long tip design, this is a popular nail shape in the entertainment industry. Shaping this spiked look starts the same as with the almond shape, ending with a wider base with a much sharper point.

Stiletto is considered a dive nail outline that creates so much drama in your fingers and attracts the attention of everybody. Perfect one-of-a-kind nail designs with bold nail art or vibrant colors on top of the nail polish just make it an eye-catcher. If you really want your nails to stand out, don't miss this shape of the nail, its really worth your time.

Square: The Modern Dinty Shape

Due to its slick vogue and less maintenance ability, Square Shape has been on-trend for modern women. Bold, tense and lively shades on the beautifully bent Square Nail add high - spirited and youthful appearance. The nails are trimmed with sharp rounded tips opposite the side walls. It is an intense proclamation and subsequently makes solid sidewalls that make fingernail more grounded and less fragile.

Square pattern isn't made for everybody, it matches superbly with long wide nail beds giving an energetic impact. Long slim fingers with limited fingernails are simply made for Square Art if you have one to go for it without giving a second thought!

Coffin: The Cheeky Dazzling Shape

Coffin Nail Shape also is known as Ballerina due to its similarity to an expressive ballet slipper. Its basically stiletto with squared off a tip that resembles a casket Nails with this shape are made long, slim, thin, and lowered at the tip to shape it like a slipper of a coffin or a ballerina. For individuals with tight nail beds and long and solid nails, this prestigious shape is best.

They offer finger length, adding extra space to make the nail art appealing. They are mostly known for adding a chic, sophisticated look enhancing your everyday outfit. So make sure that next time you stop by the salon you ask for this best slanting nail shape!

Almond: The Mellow Damsel Shape

The shape of the Almond Nail is ideal to represent the mellow girly look of the glamor. It is praised for its delicacy and exquisite, which works best with finger protracting and slimming and thin nail beds. Nails with decreased thin favors and adjusted tips characterize the almond-molded nails.

Flattering long nails is one of the things girls love. So, to get an eye - catching nail, I've come up with some nail designs and shapes that you can easily get done with the nail salon near you.