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What are online earnings

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Online earnings obtained from computer online

Virtual business management 2.0?
360 jogos online business with a small capital, fast return of investment and with big earnings with consumer empoerment

share: What is the highest amount of social security one can receive at 62?
This amount will be determined by the SSA using your earnings over the prior years. Go to the SSA gov website and on the left side of the page under WHAT YOU CAN DO ONLINE choose Your Social Security Earnings Statement You may be able to get an estimate of the amount that you are looking for by doing it this way from the SSA online services.

share: What is supernumerary earnings?
regular earnings

share: What is an I bond?
it is sold at face value and will grow with inflation-indexed earnings for up to thirty years. The I bond can also be purchased online at TreasuryDirect.

share: How wealthy is Madonna?
Net Worth $500 Million Annual Earnings According To Forbes Magazine 2010 Earnings: $58 million 2009 Earnings : $110 million 2008 Earnings : $40 million 2007 Earnings: $72 million 2005 Earnings: $50 million

share: What affect does earnings per share have on price earnings ratio?
the price earnings ratio is simply earnings-per-share divided by the share price. OOPS! I got that upside down! It is the share price divided by the earnings per share. The earnings figure might be for the trailing twelve months (ttm) or earnings estimated for the next four quarters.

share: Who are the 100 richest sportsmen in the world by Forbes?
#1 Floyd Mayweather Total earnings: $85 million #2 Manny Pacquiao Total earnings: $62 million #3 Tiger Woods Total earnings: $59.4 million #4 LeBron James Total earnings: $53 million #5 Roger Federer Total earnings: $52.7 million #6 Kobe Bryant Total earnings: $52.3 million #7 Phil Mickelson Total earnings: $47.8 million #8 David Beckham Total earnings: $46 million #9 Cristiano Ronaldo Total earnings: $42.5 million #10 Peyton Manning Total earnings: $42.4 million #11 Lionel Messi Total earnings... Read More

share: What is Current Earnings on balance sheet?
The current earnings reported on a company's balance sheet describes the earnings of the current year. This does not include the interest and taxes associated with the earnings.

share: Is unappropriated retained earnings credit?
Yes, since this account (Retained Earnings) is a credit account and an uppropriate retained earnings account is simply a non-restricted account which is Retained Earnings !!! Even the restricted/ appropriate retained earnings are credited.

share: What are the reasons for not using retained earnings when starting a new business?
A new business has no retained earnings. Retained earnings are prior years earnings that have not been distributed to the shareholders... if it is a brand new business there is no possible way to have retained earnings at inception date.

share: How do you calculate projected earnings?
Projected earnings are impossible to calculate

share: What is Kobe Bryant yearly earnings?
His yearly earnings are about $19,800,000.

share: How would you use the word EARNINGS in a sentence?
The small boy was saving his earnings from mowing lawns. or... The custodian barely had any earnings.

share: What kind of job makes 50000?
Millwrights Annual average earnings: $50,040* Mechanical engineering technicians Annual average earnings: $50,070 Industrial engineering technicians Annual average earnings: $50,130 Vocational education teachers, middle school Annual average earnings: $50,150 Food service managers Annual average earnings: $50,400 Vocational education teachers, postsecondary Annual average earnings: $51,020 Dietitians and nutritionists Annual average earnings: $51,540 Pile-driver operators Annual average earnings: $51,650 Aircraft mechanics and service technicians Annual average earnings: $51,960 Court reporters Annual average earnings: $52,150 Chemical plant and system... Read More

share: Why are most people skeptical about using online surveys for making money?
There can be many reasons why people are skeptical about making money from online surveys. Some of the main reasons include non-payment of earnings and worrying about what is done with personal data.

share: Does payment of dividends reduce stockholders equity?
Answer: Yes. Equity consists of paid-in capital (received from the shareholders when they bought their shares) and retained earnings. Retained earnings are all past earnings that the company made and did not pay out as a dividend (hence: "retained"). Retained earnings therefore increases with earnings, but decreases with dividends, since dividend is a distribution of earnings to the shareholders.

share: How many earnings do vets earn?
how many earnings do vets earn?

share: Do private companies disclose earnings?
no they are not bound to disclose there earnings. its optional

share: What are some abnormal earnings and valuations in banking industries?
Abnormal earnings

share: Are social security earnings taxed?
Social Security earnings are not taxed.

share: As an investor are basic or diluted earnings per share more important?
Diluted earnings per share Diluted earnings per share

share: What does accumulated earnings mean?
The definition of accumulated earnings is the sum of the profits of a company after dividend payments since the inception of the company. Accumulated earnings are also called earned surplus, retained earnings, or retained capital.

share: How do dividends and earnings and profits relate?
Dividends, profit and earnings are related as if there is increase in earnings then there is possibly increase in profit as well as increase in dividend amount.

share: What is a closed revenue and expense account to retained earnings called?
When you close the accounts, it totals into retained earnings, so in turn, it is essentially retained earnings.

share: What does retained earnings represent?
Retained earnings are a businesses earnings that have not been paid out as dividends. These are usually retained to pay off debt that the business owes.

share: How is retained earnings calculated?
1. If dividend paid: Retained Earnings = Net profit - dividend if dividend not paid: Retained earnings = Net profit

share: The Average index of monthly earnings are indexed?
the average index of monthly earnings

share: Is retained earnings a current liability?
Retained Earnings is a Non-Current Liability

share: What is net earnings?
after everybody takes their share what little is left is the net earnings

share: Formulla for retained earnings?
retained earnings=profit after tax- dividend distribution

share: Pharmacy manager earnings?
Pharmacy Manager Earnings are around £50.000 pa

share: What is the normal balance of retained earnings?
normal balance of retained earnings: credit.

share: Is retained earnings a liability?
NO, the retained earnings would be in the equity part of the equation.

share: Are dividends paid out of the current year's profits or from retained earnings?
From retained earnings.

share: What is the term for the earnings an auctioneer makes?
The term for the earnings an auctioneer makes is wages.

share: What are the earnings of ordinary shareholders called?
The earnings of ordinary shareholders are called dividends.

share: In the real world you find that dividends are usually more stable than earnings or flluctuate more widely than earnings or tend to be a lower percentage of earnings for mature firms or are usuall?
usually more stable than earnings

share: Can you debit asset and credit Retained earnings?
Assets are increased with a debit and decreased by a credit. Retained earnings is a credit, as they are an owners equity account and increase with credit. Retained earnings is what a company has after all expenses and dividends (if applicable) are paid. Retained earnings is shown on the Statement of Retained Earnings and is a credit which increases OE.

share: If you are collecting Social Security at 64 can your wife make over your income limit?
Your wife earnings will NOT be counted as a part of your earnings for the social security earnings test.

share: Is retained earnings an asset?
No, retained earnings comes after Net Income on the Income Statement. The retained earnings is less than the Net Income if a dividend is paid out.

share: Which account below is not a subdivision of retained earnings?
There are no accounts listed. Therefore, it is hard to determine which account is not a subdivision of retained earnings. Expenses are not a subdivision of retained earnings.

share: Which financial statement summarizes the changes in retained earnings?
Stetement of retained earnings summarizes the changes occured in retained earnings from opening balance to closing balance.

share: Does retained earnings have a debit balance?
Retained Earnings normally has a credit balance. Net loss will be debited to Retained Earnings account thus results to a debit balance. Retained Earnings with a debit balance will be called as 'Deficits" or "Accumulated Deficits".

share: What are the average earnings of a professional seo?
This depends on the individual role within the agency. Specialists can average $45,000+ in salary earnings, while a Vice President can make as much as $350,000+ in earnings. The earnings also vary from region to region, for example, in the United States versus other countries the earnings tend to be on a higher average.

share: What is Samuel Jackson's career earnings?
Career earnings reported 7.42 BILLION with a B.

share: What were Verizon's earnings for first quarter 2001?
what were Verizon's earnings for the first Quarter 2001?

share: A company's retained earnings balance is increased by?
Profit for the period increases Retained earnings.

share: Earnings for johnny rockets restaurants 2008?
earnings for johnny rockets restaurants for 2008

share: What are the 2012 earnings of aavid thermalloy?
.no. need 2012 earnings of 2012 aavid thermalloy

share: What are earnings valuations?
These are measurements of the total "value" of a publicly-traded corporation. Investors need a way to judge how much a company's stock is worth. To evaluate this, analysts have come up with various earnings valuation models. Earnings are net profits, i.e. what's left over after expenses. Investors often want to know the earnings per share (EPS). They also want to calculate the price/earnings (P/E) ratio, i.e. the stock price divided by the earnings. This is... Read More

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