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Enjoy Rejuvenating Family Holiday at Windamere Hotel

"Lisa Ingram" (2019-07-24)

p<stronghuong<\/strong>" style="max-width:450px;float:right;padding:10px 0px 10px 10px;border:0px;">Considered as a tourists heavenly abode, Darjeeling is a lovely hill station nestled amidst the soaring high Himalayan Ranges. The beauty of this destination cannot be captured in many figurative words. It represents an eclectic blend of charming tea gardens, majestic mountains, and an iconic tiny toy train. When planning a visit to this awe-inspiring destination and checking out a suitable Darjeeling Family Tour Package, look for the hotels that have still retained the charm and grandeur of an erstwhile British period. One of the hotels that is sure to grab your attention is the Windamere Hotel.

A Perfect Place for a Family Holiday

The Windamere Hotel, one of the most talked-about Colonial hotels in India is located in Darjeeling, West Bengal. It enjoys a premium location as it gives the best viewing area to the guests who stay here. It overlooks the gigantic Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. This dazzling property is located a little way back from the main road ensuring privacy to the visitors. It offers glimpses of the snow-capped mountains, valleys, and Himalayan slopes. The Town Square of the town, also referred to as the Chowrasta, is close to the property.

Brief History

The property was built in the year 1841 and was used as an English Boarding House. The Britishers used to visit the property from time to time which gave them a feel of a "home away from home." In the 1870s, when the world-renowned Darjeeling tea become famous, young British Tea Planters stayed here, until they were later promoted and given a bungalow of their own. Today, win2888 iwin2888 the property is considered to be one of the best and luxurious hotels in Darjeeling.

Restoring the Charm of the Property

The property has a lot of sections. One of them is `Ada Villa which has been retained in its original glory. There has been no modernization or renovation of this section. It has been simply restored to its original glory. Visitors who would like to enjoy some modern amenities can visit the section named `The Snuggery, where they can enjoy a relatively more updated look and amenities like televisions. It still looks very much the same as it used to look in 1841 when it was built.

What is known as "preferred accommodation" in The Snuggery section, commenced in the year 1989. This offers a lower cost of rooms. When the number of domestic travelers increased to a significant extent in the 1990s, "Observatory House" was built, catering to travelers looking for Superior Accommodation and amenities. The look of this section is the Old Indian-styled accommodation with amazing use of rich, older looking furnishings. People who wish to enjoy complete privacy can also look into two, delightful standalone cottages on the slopes of the mountain. The overall dor reflects the British Era which adds to its charm and beauty.

When visiting Darjeeling, do not miss checking out one of the best Darjeeling Hotels, The Windamere Hotel which is sure to transport you to the bygone eras and allow you to revel in the past. Stay in this hotel for some time and rejuvenate and relax completely.