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Reap Positive Benefits of Polyethene Accessories in a Garden

por Felipe Garcia (2019-07-26)

All know that "there are two sides to every coin". It implies that everything has both good and bad side. Plastic is not an exception at all. But the negative impacts of the polyethene have always been highlighted more than anything. Still, gardening accessories shops offer various kinds of polythene because it is difficult to deny its usefulness in a garden. Even you can make difference between red and green tomatoes; moldy or sweet strawberries. Let's have a look at some elements used by the gardeners and their functions such as Black polythene sheeting, Clear sheeting, Lay flat tube, Black and white co-extruded sheeting, cloche film, flower pouch, greenhouse polytunnel cover etc.

Black sheeting

It is ideal both for garden and the inside of the home. It is perfect for insulation greenhouses and polytunnels. It has damp proof capabilities within the lofts of crawls spaces. This is made UV stabilised to make it long-lasted. This polythene prevents discolouration and slows the degrading process down.

Clear sheeting

Clear sheeting can also be used both inside and outside the home. Its features are same as the previous one. This one too is UV stabilised and capable of damp proof.

Lay flat tube

This lay flat tubing is easy to use. It has been made trimmed and sealed. You can protect your plants and other garden accessories from dust, dirt and moisture by this material. It is a versatile packaging material used by the numerous industries for a host of applications. It is ideal for sealing with a heat sealer, ties, staples or tape.

Black and white co-extruded sheeting

Black and white polythene sheeting garden accessory is apt for inside and outside the home. It is perfect for insulation greenhouses and polytunnels. It has been made with the capabilities of damp proofing. It is also UV stabilised.

Cloche film

Cloche film is suitable especially to smaller plants which grow in the ground. It creates a tiny and bulky frame to cover the plants. It is also made UV stabilised which protect the plants from extreme heat and UV rays.

Flower pouch

Flower pouch is made of 10 pre cut planting silts. You can use soilless compost, mixed with vermiculite and slowly release the fertiliser and water store gel. It is suitable to all types of plants bedding, surfinia and herbs such as strawberries.

This material helps the gardeners in their own ways. You can find these polythene gardening accessories at Elixir Garden Supplies, an online suppliers of garden tools. For more information, contact at:

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