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Prolong The Life of Your House With Rubber Underlay For Carpets

"Randi Van Raalte" (2019-07-26)

The greatest enemy of your house is seepage of moisture from the floor which can ruin not just your carpets, but can also spread to the walls, making the rooms dank and mildewed. The moisture can also ruin your wooden furniture and the wooden frames of your doors and windows. A simple way to protect your house from moisture seepage is to install rubber underlay for carpets. The best sponge rubber underlay for carpets have an incredible underfoot feel, and are hard to beat for comfort. They also absorb more sound than other underlays.

The rubber underlay for carpets seals out the moisture from rising from the floor. Use a classic heavy-duty rubber underlay under laminate, solid timber and engineered wood floors. This underlay is perfect for use on suspended wood-based floors where moisture damage is not an issue. Where moisture is an issue, you can place polythene sheeting or some other kind of vapor barrier. Rubber underlay for carpets is the most expensive, but it provides the most air circulation below the carpet, lowering the risk of moisture buildup or mildew.

Foam underlay is an environmentally friendly alternative made from recycled materials, and is moderately priced. In low-traffic areas such as bedrooms and guest rooms, thicker and softer padding are recommended for comfort. PU foam underlays are perfect for areas of high traffic. Some of them are 10mm carpet underlays which make them ideal in terms of comfort. Any foam underlay which has a high work of compression of 165 j/m2 means that it is excellent in retaining its former shape after a period of heavy pressure.

When you opt for foam underlay check its tog rating since that is the factor which will ensure warmth underfoot - a facet which is critical in cold climates. A high density PU foam underlay is suitable for stretch fit, single-stick and double-stick applications. The high density makes it very hard wearing and provides incredible insulation and warmth. One major disadvantage with this type of foam underlay is that it attracts moisture, so it is always advisable to use a latex sheet or any other kind of barrier in between the underlay and the carpet.

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