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Many contractors suggest or recommend that domestic driveways and patios should have a membrane for best results

"Lacy Welker" (2019-07-27)

Many contractors suggest or recommend that domestic driveways and patios should have a membrane for best results.

However, they seem to be unsure what benefits the membrane brings to a pavement.

To clarify, it is unwise to use regular plastic or polythene sheeting as a separation membrane on a driveway.

Some people even try to use materials such as bubble wrap as a genuine separation membrane.

This is highly inappropriate. An impermeable film or membrane will lead to all sorts of problems. It will prevent proper drainage, causing saturation.

Only a genuine driveway fabric should be used. Not even a garden weed control fabric or a damp proof membrane will do the job on the ground of a driveway. Genuine driveway membranes can be found on the DIY Matters website.

So what is it for? Well, it can be used as a weed proofing measure and is very effective in stopping pesky tree roots from growing through your driveway.

It is also often used as a separation membrane, to prevent the sub-base, or bedding, mixing with the underlying layers - to stop excess settlement or pumping weak materials.

A good driveway and patio weed control fabric should be highly porous and provide unbeatable drainage performance while its high strength provides excellent ground stabilisation with high puncture and tear resistance.

It is sensible to combine your driveway fabric with other methods of weed control.

If you already have weed in your driveway, it can take a long time to remove them all by hand.

You may wish to remove the larger weeds before installing a weed suppressant or patio membrane.

For these, it can often be easier to use a weed control chemical or formula.

After you apply it, do not allow human or animal contact with your driveway patio, since they can be injurious or even lethal.

This is why people often turn to more natural methods to deal with the issue.

Using natural substances like vinegar can prevent weeds while not creating a potentially dangerous area for people and wildlife in the vicinity.

Remember that no matter how well your patio stones are laid on the ground, dirt will always work its way into the cracks after a while.

This is perfect for opportunistic weeds and grass. Even seemingly interlocking bricks on driveways are subject to this threat. After a few years you will find vegetation pushing up in the smallest of cracks.

A good heavy duty weed control fabric is needed here. This is especially true in areas subject to frost.

No matter how careful patio stones are laid, they will separate and a tiny sized space is enough for a weed seed.

Even where the cold weather is not a factor, patio bricks and stones, will still shift because rain will, over time, create thin spaces between them and hardy plants will begin to sprout. Your patio or drive will become quite an unsightly embarrassment.

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