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Taking Underfoot Comfort For Granted With Laminate Floor Underlay

"Catalina Blankenship" (2019-07-27)

The time has really come to start taking underfoot comfort for granted with laminate flooring underlays. We have to accept that some rooms have to absorb a lot of foot traffic or are filled with heavy furniture or both! It's vital that your beautiful laminate flooring gets all the support it needs to last for as long as possible and still look good. A good choice are crumb rubber underlays for they are incredibly hard wearing. Since they are made from recycled car tires, they're kind to the planet too in terms of reduced emissions.

Many people choose cheap polyethylene cell foam in store which can prove to be a costly mistake. For really good quality laminate flooring underlays experts would rather recommend a top quality high density sponge rubber underlay. There is a premium laminate floor underlay with outstanding acoustic properties. Its 4.20mm flat sponge comes with a membrane which protects against moisture damage to the flooring from beneath. The impact sound qualities of this laminate flooring underlay mean that no matter who might be pounding across the floor, you will not be deafened. This is particularly useful for households where there are more than one age group of people.

A laminate floor underlay which is a bit thinner but can absorb more moisture is one which has a better and stronger membrane. There is a classic heavy-duty rubber underlay for use under laminate, solid timber and engineered wood floors. This kind of laminate flooring underlay is perfect for use on suspended wood-based floors where moisture damage is not an issue.

However this product does not come fitted with a moisture control barrier. So it is not suitable for use over concrete or ground floor installations without polythene sheeting or vapor barriers. You must also tape the joints to ensure full moisture protection. To ensure trouble-free installation of laminate flooring underlay you need to match the underlay to the kind of work that it will need to do.

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