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What Do Dental Implants Cost And Are They Really Good Value?

"Zita Perales" (2019-08-04)

What Do Dental Implants Cost And Are They Really Good Value?
Google the term "what do dental implants cost" and you’ll see that it returns a multitude of results and not without good reason. It appears that everyone is intrigued by dental implants and rightly so. After all, they’re the gold standard of missing tooth replacement and their popularity is undoubtedly on the rise. In the US alone, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry over 3 million people have been fitted with dental implants and that number is increasing by around 500,000 per year and this is mirrored by similar figures throughout Europe and Australia. In fact by 2018, it’s set to be a $6.4 billion dollar industry.

So how much are teeth implants if you wanted to have them?
In reality when it comes to dental implants average cost, patients should be looking to spend somewhere between $3000 and $7000 although this figure could be higher or lower depending upon any number of factors. These include:

• Any additional work carried out before an implant can be placed – e.g. bone grafts, tooth extractions
• Whether or not the price is for both parts of the implant – e.g. The titanium implant and/or the porcelain crown
• The complexity of the patient’s situation – e.g. easy vs difficult procedures
• The number of dental implants required – e.g. single dental implant vs full mouth dental implants

With this in mind it isn’t unfeasible for patients to spend $25,000 AUD on a full set of implants and clearly that’s a considerable amount of cash to spend on any kind of treatment for your teeth. So the million dollar question is… are dental implants really worth the cost?

So how much are teeth implants if you wanted to have them?
Dental implants change lives! They can alter the way that you feel, the way that you look and the way that you act.

So what do we mean by this?

Changing how you feel
It’s true that having multiple missing teeth may mean that you have change your diet to take into account softer less healthy foods. This may have a knock-on effect on your overall health. While conventional dentures can restore a certain amount of bite function, it’s normally only around 12% -15% meaning that certain healthier foods such as lean meats, nuts and crunchy vegetables may still have to be avoided. On the contrary, dental implants have the ability to restore somewhere between 70% and 90% bite function, depending upon where they’re located in the mouth. So in reality, patients should be able to eat what they like and follow a healthy lifestyle should they choose to.

Altering the way that you look

Unfortunately when we loose a tooth, it kick starts a process known as bone absorption. Ultimately this means that the jaw shrinks over time to give a sunken in facial appearance. As the jaw diminishes, the skin surrounding it begins to loosen giving the appearance of wrinkles. Again , while conventional dentures can restore a certain amount of dental form, they cannot halt bone resorption. This is the reason why once snug fitting dentures become loose in the mouth. Conversely, the dental implant procedure involves securing a titanium implant down into the jawbone itself. Because titanium is biocompatible, the surrounding bone tissue fuses with it. This not only creates a super-strong platform upon which to fit a dental bridge, dental crown or full mouth dental implants, it also stops the bone loss process completely – That’s right -no more bone shrinkage. To this end, many patients who have undergone implant teeth price-based restorations are often surprised at how much younger they now look.

Restoring your confidence
While dental implants cost per tooth may seem initially excessive when you compare it to other missing teeth replacement treatment, there’s nothing that boosts the confidence more than a full set of fully restored teeth – and that is in effect what you get! Dental implants are so lifelike and natural looking that it’s often very difficult to tell the difference. Now because you can smile and speak without embarrassment it can be a real confidence booster to many folk who had otherwise lost a certain amount of self esteem.

So yes initially dental implants cost a reasonable amount of money but it’s fair to say that in the long term, they’re so worth it!

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