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What has the author Derek Cowan written? -

"Lionel Rand" (2019-08-29)

Derek Cowan has written:

12 months ago'Our house' -- subject(s): Canadian Prints, printable.products Prints, Prints, Canadian

How tall is Derek Cowan?
Derek Cowan is 5' 10".

What has the author Edward Cowan written?
Edward Cowan has written: 'Oil and water'

What has the author Jason Cowan written?
Jason Cowan has written: 'How to be a genius on 50p a week'

What has the author C L Cowan written?
C. L. Cowan has written: 'Sandy's son'

What has the author John James Cowan written?
John James Cowan has written: 'From 1846 to 1932'

What has the author Judy Cowan written?
Judy Cowan has written: 'A Domesday village' -- subject(s): History

What has the author Norma Margery Cowan written?
Norma Margery Cowan has written: 'Nature v Nature'

What has the author James Cowan written?
James Cowan has written: 'Myths of the dreaming' -- subject(s): Australia, Legends

What has the author Elizabeth Cowan Snead Shue written?
Elizabeth Cowan Snead Shue has written: 'Snead notebook'

What has the author Bryan J Cowan written?
Bryan J. Cowan has written: 'Managing for school and staff development'

What has the author Carrie Cowan written?
Carrie Cowan has written: 'LDDC Surrey Docks area archaeological survey'

What has the author May Cowan written?
May Cowan has written: 'Inverewe' -- subject(s): Inverewe Garden (Scotland)

What has the author Judith Elaine Cowan written?
Judith Elaine Cowan has written: 'More than life itself'

What has the author Eugene W Cowan written?
Eugene W. Cowan has written: 'Basic electromagnetism' -- subject(s): Electromagnetism

What has the author Elinore Cowan Stone written?
Elinore Cowan Stone has written: 'Fear rides the fog' 'The laughingest lady'

What has the author Jacob Cowan written?
Jacob Cowan has written: 'Poems, moral and religious' -- subject(s): Accessible book

What has the author Jack Cowan written?
Jack Cowan has written: 'My outlook' -- subject(s): Politics and government, World politics, Jews

What has the author S Cowan written?
S. Cowan has written: 'Mobile car servicing' -- subject(s): Automobiles, Maintenance and repair

What has the author Mary Elizabeth Cowan written?
Mary Elizabeth Cowan has written: 'Protein synthesis by human uterine cervix in organ culture'

What has the author Carola Cowan written?
Carola Cowan has written: 'Wyoming benefits survey' -- subject(s): Employee fringe benefits, Statistics

What has the author Henry Edward Cowan Bryant written?
Henry Edward Cowan Bryant has written: 'Joseph Pearson Caldwell, 1853-1911'

What has the author Samuel Kinkade Cowan written?
Samuel Kinkade Cowan has written: 'Sergeant York and his people' -- subject(s): Social life and customs

What has the author Bryant O Cowan written?
Bryant O. Cowan has written: 'Record of shorthorn prize winners' -- subject(s): Shorthorn cattle

What has the author David Stuart Mason Cowan written?
David Stuart Mason Cowan has written: 'DNA targeted hypoxic cell radiosensitizers and cytotoxins'

What has the author Glen Cowan written?
Glen Cowan has written: 'Statistical data analysis' -- subject(s): Statistical methods, Science, Mathematical statistics

What has the author C A Cowan written?
C. A. Cowan has written: 'The Holcombe Brook Branch' -- subject(s): History, Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, Railroads

What has the author David Cowan written?
David Cowan has written: 'Historical account of the noble family of Kennedy, Marquess of Ailsa and Earl of Cassilis ... [Anon.]'

What has the author Anne Louise Cowan written?
Anne Louise Cowan has written: 'Consumer mathematics' -- subject(s): Business mathematics, Saving and investment

What has the author Derek A McDougall written?
Derek A. McDougall has written: 'Concerto'

What has the author Samuel Cowan written?
Samuel Cowan has written: 'The Gowrie Conspiracy, and its official narrative' 'The Royal House of Stuart from its origin to the accession of the House of Hanover'

What has the author Philip E Cowan written?
Philip E. Cowan has written: 'Activity, new object and new place reactions of several Rattus species'

What has the author Donald D Cowan written?
Donald D Cowan has written: 'An introduction to COBOL and WATBOL' -- subject(s): COBOL (Computer program language)

What has the author Daniel A Cowan written?
Daniel A. Cowan has written: 'Mind underlies spacetime' -- subject(s): Infinite, Reality, Space and time, Thought and thinking

What has the author DEREK WATSON written?

What has the author Derek Freeman written?
Derek Freeman has written: 'Report on the Iban'

What has the author Derek Benfield written?
Derek Ben.field has written: 'Murder for the asking'

What has the author Derek Wright written?
Derek Wright has written: 'How much? How many'

What has the author DEREK ROBBINS written?

What has the author Derek STANFORD written?
Derek STANFORD has written: 'John Betjeman'

What has the author Derek Johnston written?
Derek Johnston has written: 'Rags & tatters'

What has the author Derek MacNally written?
Derek MacNally has written: 'Positional astronomy'

What has the author Derek Hansen written?
Derek Hansen has written: 'Lunch with the generals'

What has the author Derek Justin written?
Derek Justin has written: 'Shark's Rock'

What has the author Derek Holman written?
Derek Holman has written: 'Snow anthology'

What has the author Derek Olphet written?
Derek Olphet has written: 'Response to vision'

What has the author Derek Reece written?
Derek Reece has written: 'The mystery man'

What has the author DEREK BEAVEN written?

What has the author Derek Bateman written?
Derek Bateman has written: 'Unfriendly games'

What has the author Derek Blease written?
Derek Blease has written: 'Projects for programs'

What has the author Derek Cattell written?
Derek Cattell has written: 'Aycliffe in crisis'

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