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Are left thumb prints identical to right thumb prints? -

"Rae Hawthorn" (2019-08-29)

No, I did a science project, I got many fingerprints. A lot of them were the same but not all. Some had crazy prints! I had 25 prints and about 5 had different prints

Why do people use Left hand thumb impression instead of right hand thumb impression?
This is a personal opinion not fact. But I have to say because most people are right handed and use their right hand and over time as we get older our finger prints may start to be affected by the things we do and well if you are right handed you will use the right hand more for activities and things, then you would for the left hand, hence why if you go the bank...

What are the characteristics of crossing your right thumb over your left?
If you cross your left thumb over your right thumb that means you use your right brain which is more creative and have a holistic thought. If you cross your right thumb over your left thumb you use your left side of the brain which means you focus on details and have a analytic thought.

Which finger is index finger?
Finger next to the thumb, i.e. To the immediate right of the thumb on your right hand To the immediate left of the thumb on your left hand

What body plane divides the body into identical left and right parts?
The midsagittal plane divides the body into identical left and right arts.

Folding hands which thumb on top?
what thumb on top does not depend on the person being left or right handed but rather what gene a person have right thumb on top is recessive and left on top is dominate.

How do you keep from pinching the thumb in your bowling ball?
Get a halfway decent drill. I'm assuming it happens right at the base of the thumb? What you probably need to get done is have the thumb hole moved a little right and up (if you're right handed) or if you're left handed get the thumb hole moved left and up.

What does it mean when your left thumb itches?
People say that when your left thumb itches you will lose money. When your right thumb itches you will receive money. However, this has not been scientifically proven.

How do you operate a PlayStation 3 controller?
With your hands. Left hand on the left side of the controller, with the thumb on the analog stick. The right hand on the right hand side of the controller, with the right thumb on the right analog stick. The left and right index (pointing) fingers on the L1 and R1 buttons.

Why is left hand thumb finger not used in typing?
Commonly, people are right handed. Right-handers tend to find it easier to strike the spacebar with their thumb (If choosing between the left and right thumbs). Although in traditional typing rules, using either thumb is OK.

Where is A position on a piano?
Put the thumb of your right hand on A and the thumb of your left hand on E. C is sharp.

How do you play g on the flue?
123 on left hand pinky on right hand thumb on left hand. third octave g is without the thumb

How do you make sheva whistle in Resident Evil 5?
Press down the left thumb stick and while keeping the left thumb stick held down press the right thumb stick.

Where is a bats thumb located?
On the right or left corner of its wings

How do you play a C on flute?
left thumb key,first left finger, first right finger and right pinky

What is the blood flow from the capillary beds of left thumb to the right thumb?
Small veins into larger veins: ulnar vein (feeds the thumb side) to subclavian v. to brachiocephalic v. to superior vena cava v. to right atrium of heart to right ventricle to pulmonary artery to lung capillaries to pulmonary veins to left atrium to left ventricle to aorta to brachiocephalic trunk to right subclavian artery to ulnar artery to thumb!

How do you play a high high a on the flute?
Low a- thumb,1,2 on left hand pinky on right hand Middle a- same High a- thumb,2 on left hand and 1,pinky on right hand

Interlocking Fingers Fold the hands together without thinking about it If the left thumb is crossed over the right the designation is C If the right thumb is crossed over the left the person is?
I'm guessing this is genetics question. If you cross your right thumb on to of the left, then you are homozygous recessive for this trait, i.e. both of your thumb crossing genes are of the recessive type. An uppercase C is used to designate a dominant gene and lowercase c for a recessive. Thus, both CC and Cc individuals still fold their left thumbs over the right, only cc individuals fold right over left.

Which fingerprints are most common?
About 65% of human finger prints are loops, with right slant loops most common on the right hand and left slant loops on the left hand. Roughly 35% of finger prints are whorls, and the remaining (about 5%) are arches.

How do you play an high d on the flute?
The first 3 fingers and thumb on the left hand. the pinky is the only one on the right hand. *I thought it was thumb,2,3 on ur left hand and pinky on ur right hand

How do you do F on the Recorder?
(right hand) thumb, finger 1 2 3, not baby finger (left hand) no thumb finger 2 and 3 upper right

Why are the right and left lungs not identical?
The right lung is shorter than the left by 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) however, the total capacity of the right lung is greater than the left. The right lung has three lobes, the left lung has two. If you need to know the "why" then its simply in the human genetics that your lungs will never be identical unless you suffer from a mutation of the genes

On the piano is one hand on middle c or both?
usually for BEGINNERS only your right thumb is on middle c and your left thumb is on the g right before it. there will be two keys between your thumbs if they are in the right place. this means your left pinky is on the c before it.

What is the Blood flow path from capillary bed of left thumb to the capillary bed of right thumb?
Small veins into larger veins, eg antecubital to subclavian to brachiocephalic to superior vena cava to right atrium of heart to right ventricle to pulmonary artery to lung capillaries to pulmonary veins to left atrium to left ventricle to aorta to brachiocephalic trunk to right subclavian artery to radial or ulnar artery to thumb!

Which finger is kisames akatsuki ring on?
List of Akatsuki ring fingers: Pain: Right thumb Konan: Right middle finger Zetsu: Right little finger (pinkie) Itachi: Right ring finger Deidara: Right index finger Sasori: Left thumb Hidan: Left Index finger Kakuzu: Left middle finger Kisame: Left ring finger Orochimaru: Left little finger (pinkie)

What does it mean if you cross your right thumb over your left?
it means that you have a recessive gene

How do you play the b on clarinet?
There are several ways to play a B. One way is low B. You have to put your leftthumb, left index, middle, and ring finger down and your right middle. For middle B you have to press the octave key (near thumb key), left thumb, and all other fingers, and all of your your right fingers. The last one is high B. You have to put down your left thumb, left index finger, and the...

How is the clarinet held?
Left hand on top (upper joint) and right hand on the bottom (lower joint). The thumb from your right hand should be placed below the thumb rest.

How do you make a trumping noise with your hands?
place your left index finger on your right thumb. put your palms together. your left thumb should be below your right thumb. your first three fingers(starting with pinky) on your left hand should be in between you thumb and index finger on your right hand. wrap your fingers around your hand, as if you are holding your hands. imagine there is something in your hand and you are squeezung your hands together to squash it...

How do you sign all in sign language?
Hands are placed palm to palm with the right hand with thumb down, left hand thumb up. The right hand circles around the left coming to rest in the original position only with the back of the right hand ending up facing the palm of the left hand.

Is crossing your left thumb over your right genetic?
Yes. Crossing your left thumb over your right is a dominant trait, crossing your right over your left recessive. The dominant trait is accompanied by hair on the second joint of one or more fingers and a bent baby finger that curves in towards the ring finger.

How do you play an A on the flute?
To play an A on the flute (low or medium octave), you put down your first, second, and thumb fingers on your left hand and your pinky on your right hand. For the highest octave, it is 2nd finger and thumb on your left hand and pinky on your right.

How do you do a spinarama in nhl 08?
While skating forwards hold down the left trigger then the right thumb stick to the bottom left then to the bottom right and then back to the bottom left

Examples of discrete variation?
earlobes (attached or not) Whether you like to have your right thumb or left thumb over the other when you clasp your hands together.

How can you legally obtain a family member's email password?
fallow the prints in the snow and then switch from left to right.

Where does the grand national at Blackpool pleasure beach swap over?
it never does. try this trick, hold your thumb and its closest finger together (with your right hand your thumb will be on your left, now draw a loop, when your finger comes down your thumb will be on the right!

How do you crack your thumb?
u bend the top the the left than right then it should crack

How do you play B flat on flute?
if you know were to put your fingers on the flute then this is a simple note to play on your left hand its the first finger and the thumb and on the right hand first finger and pinkie for my advanced players you can also do on left hand first finger and thumb on the second thumb piece and on right hand just your pinkie

What is a F in recorder?
your left hand thumb. the first three fingers of your left hand. one finger of your right hand.

How do you hold the clarinet while playing it?
Keep your thumb on the thumb rest and put your left hand on top and right hand on bottom (if the song requires you to do that).

What are your fingers named?
(Right hand) (Left to Right) Pinky,Ring finger,Middle finer,Pointer,Thumb In layman's terms: forefinger, middle finger, ring finger and pinky finger. Most consider the thumb a thumb and not a finger. I disagree.

What blood vessels carry red blood cells from the left ventricle to the right thumb?
Red blood cells pass through the aortic arch, left subclavian artery, left axillary artery, left brachial artery, left radial artery, and leftprincipalarteryof thumb

What is an Irish thumb?
It's a thumb that's bent nearly at a right angle backwards. It's an Irish trait in some folks from the island. I have it, more pronounced in my right hand than in my left.

Trace blood flow from the left thumb to the right thumb?
Blood flow from different parts of the body don't differ. When blood is in the "right thumb" it will release its oxygen and pick up Carbon Dioxide. Then the blood will travel thru the capalaries into the vein. It will go through either the Superior or Inferior Vena Cava and into the Right Atrium of the heart. Through the tricuspid valve into the Right Ventrical. Then procedes throu the Pulmonary (otherwise know as the Semi-lunar)...

How do you do the trick where you take of your thumb?
bend you left index finger and place your right thumb between your index and middle finger nuckle as far as you can, bend you right index finger over your thumb whilst you other 3 fingers are straight out then place it over your bent over left index finger and have fun entertaining yourself from there.

Are humans bodies symmetrical?
Symmetry means having identical parts on both sides of the body(axis). You have a left arm and a right arm, a left eye and a right eye, a left leg and a right leg etc...

Is Hand Clasping a dominant or recessive trait?
If you clasp your hand with your left thumb over your right, this is a dominant (more common) way of doing so. People who clasp their hands with their right thumb on top have the recessive genes. Left hand print on demand top- Ll or LL right hand on top- ll

When using the left-handed rule in what direction is your thumb?
There is no left handed rule. The correct term is right handed rule. Using the right handed rule, your thumb is pointing in the direction of current flow, and your fingers are pointing in the direction of magnetic flux flow.

How do you do daft hands?
Right hand: right thumb= is right index=work right middle finger=make right ring finger= s us [for makes us unless you want to put makes us] right pinky finger=do on the back of your right thumb=never [make sure the n is before the knuckle so you can bend it to get "ev". on the back of your right index finger=ov [before your middle knuckle] On the back of your right had=more than In the middle of...

L thumb over recessive or dominant?
Having the left thumb cross over the right thumb is neither related to a recessive nor dominant gene. It is more of a behavior as to which thumb feels more natural on top when fingers are crossed.

How do you play the note b flat on a flute?
The long left thumb key and the first finger on both left and right hands

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