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Do fox terriers look like foxes

"Dustin Parkinson" (2019-09-04)

No, not really. Here is a picture of a fox and a fox terrier.

Fox terrier: website

Fox: website

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Fox terriers are named so because they were bred to be trained to run down fox holes and chase out a fox so it could be hunted.

How can one purchase an item from the 'Fox' animal range?
In most locations it is not legal to own a fox. However, there are dog breeds that look like foxes. There are also dog breeds that are called foxes, such as the Fox Terriers.

Why is a flying fox called a flying fox?
They are called flying foxes because they look very much like foxes - they have large ears and pointed snouts.

What does a desert fox look like?
See the image above of fennec foxes.

What do Antarctic foxes look like?
They don't exist. The Arctic fox is a white fox... how about a google images search?

What will the foxes look like in animal jam?
Probably like a regular fox, big ears, bushy tail, fox like body, and ya know just like a fox.

What was the Toy Fox Terrier first bred for?
The Toy Fox Terrier is an American breed descending from the first registered Smooth Fox Terrier, named 'Foiler'. Fox Terriers were bred for fox bolting (chasing foxes out into the open where they could be attacked by larger dogs); white was preferred to distinguish the dogs from foxes at night. Toy Fox Terriers were bred from their larger cousins by American farmers who favored the shorter variety for chasing rodents.

Do some people have red foxes for pets?
Foxes do not make good pets. They are not domesticated like dogs, and remain wild and liable to bite humans or destroy your belongings. If you like the look of a fox, you should get a dog that looks like a fox instead.

What are all the kinds of foxes?
For a complete list of true foxes and related animals click on this link.

What does a Arctic fox look like?
See the image above of an Arctic fox in winter fur.

Why do foxes look like cats?
Because cats evolved from the ancestors of the fox - just as dogs evolved from the ancestors of the wolf.

What are facts about flying foxes?
they are are omnivores. they get there name because they look like a fox. they can fly for a long time. they drink nectar.

Is the Arctic Fox a carnivore or herbivore?
Arctic foxes are omnivores, they eat plants and animals and also will scavenge.

What do Arctic foxes look like?
See the image above of an Arctic fox in his winter fur coat.

Is a fox a dog or a cat?
A fox is neither a dog nor a cat. A "dog fox" is not a dog-fox hybrid, but a male fox. Foxes are canids, like dogs, but foxes are a separate species.

Do bears eat foxes?
Answer A bear will only eat a fox if the fox sasses it. Answer There's a difference between what CAN happen and what's LIKELY to happen. Bears certainly can eat foxes, but foxes are not a regular part of their diet. A fox, well any animal of the speed and size of a fox, wouldn't look like a tempting prey to a bear. It'll take a lot of chasing for very little eating. Answer A...

Whats a Sun Fox and Moon Fox?
I think the Moon Fox and Sun Fox is fantasy.But all i know is that theirs only one of there kind.And they look like the yin and yang.To bad BOYZ.... these foxes are girls both of them.

Where do fox terriers live best in Australia?
Fox Terriers can live almost anywhere. They are simply a breed from Australia. There are different breeds of Fox Terriers from other countries. In Canada Fox Terriers are on of the preferred breeds for pet owners.

Are foxes domesticated?
The term Fox is used for many different types of foxes like the Arctic fox, or the Silver fox. There is one breed so far of fox that has been successfully domesticated. It is called the Silver Fox.

Do kit foxes like to live together?
it depends on the fox some do and some dont / like the red fox or the kit fox

How do you know if you saw a fox?
If it looked like a fox and sounded like a fox and barked like a fox, then it was a fox. You should do a search engine image search for photos of foxes to be sure.

How does a fox look like a fox cub?
First of all, fox cubs (or kits) are the young of foxes, so they have a few similarities, but quite a few differences. They both have big ears, they are alert to their surroundings (older fox cubs) and they have an exceptional senses.

Why are some bats called 'flying foxes'?
Flying foxes have a fox like appearance to the head. Since bats can also fly, 팔팔정 these fox featured bats are known as flying foxes.

What are some idioms about foxes?
Like the fox guarding the chicken coop or as sly as a fox.

Can toy fox terriers swim?
Toy fox terriers can swim but they might not want to.

Can a fox howl like a dog?
No. Foxes do not "howl".

Is a fox an insect?
A fox is a MAMMAL! not an insect a MAMMAL! No, a fox is not an insect. Foxes are in the canid family. They are like dogs.

Do foxes act like cats. But look like dogs?
Yes. Foxes prefer to sneak around and hunt at night like cats do. But they have the same pointed muzzle of common dogs and the same sort of body shape. See the alikeness? That dog may have flat ears and the fox pointy but lots of dogs have pointy ears to, and bushy tails like the fox.

What species are foxes?
Foxes belong to the genus vulpes - the true foxes - and includes:Arctic fox Bengal fox Blanford's fox Cape fox Corsac fox Fennec fox Kit fox Pale fox Rüppell's fox Red fox Swift fox Tibetan sand fox There are a number of others that are included with foxes but are not vulpes.

What would Sly cooper and Carmelita foxes children look like?
A blue fox with a wierd tale? THEY DIFFERENT GENUS THEY CANT BREED i think...

Is a coyote dog look-like cat which a fox is cat looklike dog?
Coyotes and Foxes are both part of Canidae, the dog Family.

Can a fox mate with coyote?
No, it is a genetic impossibility. Wolves and dogs can successfully mate with coyotes, however.

What do coyotes look like?
Coyotes are dogs. They look like dogs, wolves, and foxes. They are pretty small compared to many domestic dogs and to wolves, but are about the same size as a fox. They are SO cute! -They look just like their parents, only puppy-fied.

My chihuahua also looks like a fox terrier what's the difference?
i can see the resemblence but fox-terriers are wire-haired dogs, chiuahuahs aren't. and fox terriers are hunting dogs, chiuahuahs are toy dogs. you might want to get your eyes checked to.

What are facts about red fox?
i know a lot about red foxes, but the one thing that i have not herd websites say is that in the summertime red foxes get gray, and really skinny, and tall they don't look like red foxes at all. I have seen them this way they get vicious in the summer to so be careful in the summer if you have red foxes near you

Flying fishes are fishes but flying foxes are not fly?
Flying foxes are bats that have a head that looks like a fox.

Is the Arctic fox a mammal?
Yes an arctic fox is a mammal it has fur and feeds milk to its babies,Just like all other foxes. yes arctic foxes are mammals ..

What is the answer to the riddle on animal jam?
i think a fox but wolves are like foxes so probly a pet fox

Do fox like cold or hot weather?
Yes foxes do like hot weather.

What are baby Arctic foxes called?
Like other fox babies, Arctic fox babies are called kits, pups or cubs. Young of Arctic foxes are referred to as "kits" or "pups".

Can a gray fox breed with a red fox?
No, the gray fox is in an entirely different genus from the red fox and would probably be incapable of producing offspring.

What do grey foxes look like?
See the image above of a gray fox.

Will foxes eat plants?
YES. Not all foxes do, but some, like the island fox will eat mostly just plants

What is a fox related to?
Foxes are related to the canine family.(like wolves)

Where does the flying fox get its name from?
Flying foxes get their name from the dog-like or fox-like faces. They have no relationship to dog though, just in appearance.

Is a fox a producer?
No, only plants are producers. Foxes are consumers, in such that they have to actively hunt for and look for food.

What is the plural possessive form of the word fox?
The plural form of fox is foxes, and the plural possessive form of foxes is foxes'.

Does Eevee look like a Fennec fox?
Not in particular. Fennekin in is a Fennec Fox and there are many differences. Fennec Foxes have large ears, small bodys, bushy tails, and do not usually have as much neck fur as as eevee. Hope I helped :)

How does a red fox breath?
A red fox breathes by inhaling air and exhaling carbon dioxcide. Foxes breathe just like humans breathe but, foxes have different organs in which they breathe in the air

Are Jack Russell rat and fox terriers still called Jack Russell's and are full blooded Jack Russell's rat or fox?
Rat terriers and Fox terriers are their own breed of dog. They all come from the same lines, going centuries back. But now due to breeding, these different breeds of dog have different characteristics although they may look alike they are in fact not all Jack Russell's.

How big do foxes grow?
It depends on the species of fox. Like fennec foxes are about as big as a rabbit while red foxes (at the largest) could be the size of a labrador retriever

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