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Types of Retail Store Lighting

"Ellie Vaught" (2019-09-12)

Types of Retail Store Lighting
Four Popular Types of Retail Store Lighting
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Whether you are opening a new retail location, or you are looking to make some changes to the design of your existing shop, you may be having a bit of a hard time determining why type of lighting will best suit your needs. The lighting solutions that a traditional shop utilizes may vary greatly from those used by a hip and modern teen clothing retailer. Here are a few of the most popular retail store lighting options so you can determine which ones will best suit your lighting needs.
High Activity Lighting
This type of retail store lighting is probably one of the more popular forms of lighting because it works to cover all areas of the shop with bright light. Unlike other lighting options high activity lighting eliminates dark corners and shadowy areas in a retail location, ensuring customers will see every item that a shop has available, eliminating the chance that a particular product will be passed over because it was hidden in a back corner of the shop that patrons tend to not frequent due to poor lighting.
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Accent Lighting
Commonly used by shops that sell high-end items, accent lighting is designed to showcase particular items in a retail setting. This could be a sales display, new product releases, or holiday specials. Accent lighting is designed to be brighter than the general lighting sources in the shop, ensuring that the customer’s eye is drawn to the display that is being targeted. This type of lighting commonly uses much more electricity than standard lighting options so you may want to be selective in where you utilize this type of lighting in your shop. Too many installations, and you may not be able to afford the electric bill each month.
Ambient Lighting
If you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere in your shop, then ambient lighting may be the way to go. This retail lighting option is designed to offer a generalized glow throughout the retail space and an example of this would be the use of a chandelier in a smaller retail location. This style of light should be bright enough that customers can see your inventory well, but not so bright that it can be painful to look in the direction of the fixture. Ambient lighting may cause shadows or dark corners in your shop, especially if you have alcoves or a non-traditional floor plan that may prevent the light from reaching all locations in the shop.
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Modern Screw-based Track lighting
Originally designed for use in the home, track lighting was once a popular choice for retailers as well, but the cost associated with this style of lighting has caused many retailers to avoid it in recent years. In order to light a large area, a large amount of track light systems would be required, which can get quite expensive especially when compared to other retail store lighting options. Newer models now support the use of energy efficient light bulbs which makes these models more cost effective to run, but the cost savings may not negate the initial upfront cost required to purchase the lighting solution. This option commonly works best for retailers looking for a more modern look in order to attract the younger, hipper crowd.

led lights gia phucThese are just a few of the most popular types of retail store lighting options. Whether you choose just one, or a mix of all the lighting options discussed in this article, these options are sure to help you create the right look that is sure to keep customers coming back for years to come.
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