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Look at a specific location with Google maps instant street view

"Chu Valasquez" (2019-09-17)

Searching for a new place to live can be a daunting task. Often prospective

buyers or renters have a list of specific needs that they are looking for from the area in which they are looking to live and, generally, looking at property

specifications and other promotional literature can make it difficult to get a realistic feel for an area. This can be particularly tough if the person is looking to

relocate to a city that they are unfamiliar with. It is in such situations that Google maps street view can be an invaluable resource and one that is going to fast

become an integral part of people's searches for new property.

By simply dragging a small yellow mannequin and dropping it onto the desired location on the map the user is able to look around the area in a first person view. This

allows them to get a general feel for the area and see what sort of amenities and facilities are located within a reasonable distance. While viewing properties in

person will always be necessary, Street view use will lie in being able to rule out certain properties that are in obviously inappropriate locations and will save

potential buyers a lot of time in travelling to and viewing these properties.

Ultimately Street View is never going to replace viewing a property in person, but it does provide a very simple way to look around the exterior of a property, as well

as allowing the prospective buyer/renter with a look at the local area and amenities that are available which can help them to rule out any obviously inappropriate

properties from the comfort of their own home.

At the top right of your map you will always see three options: Print, Send, and Link. Print will allow you to print a basic map of the location you entered. Send will

allow you to email or send to a phone, car, or GPS. You will be able to send to multiple destinations and include a personal message. Link will provide you with a link

that can be used in an email or instant message, or with HTML that can be used for a website.

Google is the search engine that is taking the place of a dictionary this days; and I mean for anything. Specially if we want to plan for a trip or for an awesome

vacation now days we don't go to a typical old and wrinkly National Geographic maps or the typical map of the world shown in the books, now the technology offer us

more efficient ways to plan a trip. Google Maps offers us amazing Google street view on any angle in order for us to be able identify exact spots that we want to

either visit or avoid. Reach on particular location with the help of Street view in UK.

When we also speak about awesome features that this amazing feature offers, we also find that Google Earth give us fantastic 3D views of the earth and we can also see

as street view, isn't this amazing! Speaking of great technologies this tool is available in our hand held devices, so we can go on the road and the maps in Google can

give us exact information on accidents that are on sight, as well as problems with the traffic, or also the weather which is crucial for people that work as truckers

and delivery drivers; because it allows them to provide better services to their clients in order to bring more revenue to the company.

Google Maps is the tool that we can rely on now days for Streetview, it is a great tool to make our lives more effectively. If you are not familiar with Google maps at

all, go ahead and try it, you may even learn and see new countries and places that you have never seen before in your life, or maybe you can visit places that you have

never had the chance to see before. Get more informed about street view by login to this site