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Linguo.pngThis web site requires cookies and uses web beacons to offer all of its features and functionality. The game may be considered a metropolis-constructing game It offers a variety of buildings (houses, outlets, public buildings from the animation series) that the player buys with "Cash ($)" in-recreation currency Premium objects are bought with donuts which will also be purchased with real-world cash.

Amusement Park : Some time in, the game granted the participant access to a secondary location referred to as Krustyland, which, regardless of being geographically situated elsewhere within the in-game universe , has nonetheless met the identical fate as Springfield initially of the sport.

When Apu begins promoting Golden Scratch-R tickets, which can win you donuts instead of normal sport money like normal Scratch-Rs, Homer excitedly proclaims that he would not care how a lot they price and can spend any quantity of "faux recreation cash" on them.

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Within the stage replace that added Gina into the game, near the tip of her questline, she bids farewell to Bart, saying "Until degree 97, my love." Months later, the final degree update was released, and upon reaching Stage 97, Gina reminds Bart about what she mentioned, and a brand new activity to make Gina force Bart on a date becomes available.

Homer is at Springfield Nuclear Energy Plant , and instead of working, he's enjoying The Glad Little Elves Recreation on his MyPad His negligence ends in the Energy Plant and the whole Springfield blowing up. Homer begins rebuilding the city, and is soon aided by different characters.

The participant is required to ship characters to completely different jobs, build a certain constructing or place some decorations for finishing the quest, and will likely be rewarded with Cash and XP once completing it. Tapping on the Task e-book on the left facet of the display will will let you see all of the lively quests you must full.

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So it is best to TRY THE SCREENSHOTS as a result of the screenshots really sell it… even though we really do not should sell this recreation… as a result of it is FREE!This sport downloads additional content on first launch that may be as much as 175MB based on machine.

On condition that The simpsons tapped out update not working tv show has basically integrated each celebration possible, it is easy for the game to observe suit, with corresponding items popping up. If you'd like the brand new rewards, you may must reallocate all your characters' pursuits into the occasion.