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Gabor Wigs

"Lola Canipe" (2019-12-19)

Wigs aren't just for those experiencing hair loss. Many women will buy a wig for a special occasion, for medical reasons, or just to look fashionable without changing their natural hair. Wigs offer the simple solution / opportunity to completely change your look without making any lasting alterations. If you're getting bored with your look, a wig is an easy way to see how you would look with a completely different hairstyle and / or color. Wigs offer a boost to your self-esteem if there is significant hair loss as the result of a serious illness, or due to hereditary factors. Or you may tire of dying your hair due to premature graying. A wig is a great alternative to save money from constantly coloring your hair, pakistani designers list as well as giving your natural hair a rest from the constant onslaught of hair dye.

?media_id=260496057325504For those seeking an elegant and classic look, Gabor Wigs are an excellent choice. Today, Gabor wigs are still inspired by the late Eva Gabor known for her elegance and classy look. Born in Hungary she emigrated to the United States where she enjoyed a successful career as an actress in film, theater, and television. In her later years she did voice-over work for numerous Disney movies. She was a successful businesswoman, who foundered Eva Gabor International a premier wig company for women's hair alternative solutions. Although Eva Gabor passes away 1995, her name lives on in the Eva Gabor line of wigs manufactured by the wig manufacturer, Hair U Wear.

A Gabor wig is known for its quality, expert layering, and innovative styling throughout the industry. Eva Gabor wigs from their Sheer Lace Front wigs create the illusion of natural hair growth and allows styling versatility with their hand knotted tops. The sheer lace front creates a low density, natural looking hairline allowing for off the face styling. Extending from temple to temple the approximately 1 1/2 inch ready-to-wear lace requires no tape, adhesive, or cutting which makes wearing the wigs so more convenient. The Gabor Next designer collection features Kanekalon Flexite modacrylic fibers and Personal Fit caps eliminating weight and volume without sacrificing all-over hair coverage. The Gabor Plus wig hair colors, a new line of colors for certain wig styles, deftly progress with brilliant highlights and lowlights at the front of the wig to slightly deeper and richer colors at the wig's nape.

With numerous colors to choose from and a wide variety of styles you will be sure to find a Gabor Wig that suits you. An excellent place to shop for Gabor Wigs is They have a large collection of Gabor Wigs available in 72 different colors. In addition they have great prices and free shipping.