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Experience thrilling battles in Hero Hunters

Immerse yourself into the thrilling co-op boss battles and real-time PvP fights in Hero Hunters right now!
Developed by Hothead Games - a well-known publisher with great shooting titles in the mobile game market, Hero Hunters draws a lot of attention right from the first launching days. Initially, the game was named Gun Rise and had a soft-launch stage in 2017. After a long time of operation and adjustment, it’s time for Hero Hunters to approach players around the world. 
In the game, players will play the role of Jackson - a US Army soldier who is on the hunt for the culprit who caused the "Zero day" crisis. All you need to do is struggle for survival, go through hard battles, meet more new teammates and fight together to claim your glory.


Hero Hunters is developed with role-playing gameplay and third-person shooter. Sharp graphics and vivid sound will make players be engaged. The difficulty in each level gradually increases, requiring players to upgrade the fighting lineup, as well as combining the Heroes’ ability for the best performance. For more funs, please find out more Game android offline
Key features 
The control mechanism in the game is quite simple. Your main mission is to change the perspective to aim and defeat the enemy. Also, you need to move the character back and forth between the blocks to avoid bombs. If you have ever experienced Garena’s Legendary Campaign, you will be able to get used to Hero Hunter gameplay quickly. 
Try your best to recruit more Heroes, equip advanced armor and increase Heroes’ attribute - all help you hold a higher chance to achieve victory. Each Hero possesses unique skills and characteristics; thus owning different advantages and disadvantages. If you want to recognize them more easily, simply pay attention to their weapon. 


As for the upgraded system, it is quite familiar. Just collect enough required items that belong to each Hero; players can proceed to level up for him. The higher your Hero levels up, the more attributes he owns, and the more new skills he can acquire. 
Hero Hunters also allow players to join Co-op mode, Multiplayer, invite friends to together overcome super-difficult challenges. There is also a real-time 1v1 PVP mode, letting players compete with each other and demonstrating their own qualifications and skills in this game for android best
Normally, there will be 5 participants in a team, and the player can switch back and forth between the characters in the team to serve your combat plan. For example, if the main character is under firepower, you can switch to a sniper who is hiding above to support immediately.
The game has a huge battlefield with many 3D obstacles that can be destroyed, including houses, cars, etc, making gamers feel like entering a modern war. However, don’t keep your eyes on the beautiful world of the game, or else, you will be shot. 


In conclusion, Hero Hunters with amazing plot and gameplay won’t let you down. Go to our store,download games apk and enjoy the most relaxing moments right now!