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Resumo da Biografia Shooting games have always held our attention due to their sheer intuitiveness. While “guns” is what we think of when talking about shooting games, arrows are a favorite too. The interesting thing about arrows is that instead of going straight instantaneously, they follow a trajectory path. Hence it is no wonder that archery games are a popular genre of online games to play with friends
Today, we talk about two of the most popular online archery games: Stickman Archer Online and Bowman 2. Both feature our beloved stickman as the protagonist and both are all about shooting arrows. But what exactly are these games and which one is better? Let’s find out.
Stickman Archer Online – Story

You are the Stickman Archer, and you have to duel against the enemy archers.
The premise of Stickman Archer Online is pretty simple. You are the Stickman Archer, and you have to duel against the enemy archers. However, this battle is one that never ends. The enemies keep appearing one after another, and it is all about your skill to last as long as you can. With time, the enemies keep becoming deadlier and harder to kill. How long can you stay alive?
Bowman 2 – Story

There are two paths you can take.
You are the Bowman, the legendary archer who finds himself in new territory. There are two paths you can take. You can choose to go after the enemy, and engage in a battle of "who gets the first shot". Or, you can simply go bird hunting and kill as many birds as you can for the grand feast. But none of the paths are easy, so you would need to prove how good of a shot you are.
Stickman Archer Online – Gameplay

You can only decide the trajectory of your arrows.
There isn't much in the gameplay of Stickman Archer Online. As the protagonist, you stand alone while your enemies keep appearing. They can appear from anywhere, and it gets harder to target them as you move ahead in the game. You can only decide the trajectory of your arrows. Even though you can set the target, arrows tend to deviate from the trajectory when the targets are far away, so you must take that into account. Enemies become harder to shoot when you progress in the game, as they start moving up-down and even forward-backward. 
However, you can shoot multiple arrows at once, so you can cover multiple trajectories almost simultaneously. Getting a headshot earns you stars, though headshots are also the hardest to get. With enough stars, you can unlock new items: archers and locations. New archers have better abilities; they are faster, stronger and shoot more arrows. New locations land you in new places with different obstacles and views. 
Bowman 2 – Gameplay

To find the enemy, you must decide a particular angle and power for your arrow.
The gameplay of Bowman 2 can be divided into two parts. The first is the Duel mode, where you must duel against another archer. However, you cannot exactly see where and how far the enemy stands. To find the enemy, you must decide a particular angle and power for your arrow, and shoot it to see how much ahead or behind the enemy it lands. You would have to take a hit-&-trial approach to find the correct aim. But beware, because the enemy is also guessing your location. The first one to dish maximum damage wins. 
The second mode is the bird hunting mode. As birds fly above you, you must aim and shoot at them. Again you can decide the angle and power of the arrows. Your aim is to hit maximum birds. Hitting multiple birds earn extra points when you play the best free online games at Manti Games.
Stickman Archer Online – Features

The arrow motion is smooth and mimic real physics. 
There aren’t a whole lot of features in Stickman 2. The most interesting part would be perhaps the graphics when the enemy stickman is shot and falls to the ground. The arrow motion is smooth and mimic real physics. The increased complexity as you kill more enemies makes it more challenging to continue. By unlocking new archers, you get the option to increase your skills as the enemies become deadlier. The new locations are there only to keep you engaged by changing the background.
Bowman 2 – Features

The angle info also helps you remember the possible trajectory the arrow will take. 
The coolest feature of Bowman 2 is setting its trajectory. With the angle info, you can use some physics and precisely decide the trajectory of your arrow. The angle info also helps you remember the possible trajectory the arrow will take. So after a couple of games, you can be a pro in it.
You can choose to duel against the CPU or another player, which adds another layer of fun. The CPU plays at a constant difficulty level which is set according to your skill. In the multiplayer mode, however, you would face an unpredictable skill level. Another interesting part is that in the Duel mode, the severity of the arrow wound plays a factor. Thus, an arrow it the head deals much more damage than one in the leg. There is also a training mode to get accustomed to the controls. This is useful since the initial few games can be hard to get a handle on.
The bird hunting mode is no easy deal either. Hitting the fast moving targets gives an additional level of difficulty. Unlike bullets, arrows are not instantaneous. So instead of shooting the bird at where it is, you would need to shoot it where it would be. 
It is hard to say which one is better since both the games cater to different audiences. Despite both being archery games, the gameplay is meant for different kind of players, be it single or online games couples at Manti Games. Stickman Archer Online is a simple game meant to do only one thing – shoot at enemies. 
With a single objective and steady gameplay, it is much simpler to play it. Due to the sheer simplicity, it also tends to be additive. Bowman 2, on the other hand, offers different modes to test the shooting skills of the players. The game takes the game in many aspects, including gameplay, complexity, and variety. 
So, if you are looking for a simple game to shoot at stuff, Stickman Archer Online would appeal to you. But if you want a better experience of an archery game, Bowman 2 stands out as the better game.