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Have you updated your device with all the hottest games 2018 yet? If not, read our article to get some insight into the best title of the year and download them!  
Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War 
Created by a combination of GameSamba and the developer Funimation, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War promises to bring players into the tattered world of blood and tears in the battle between humans and beasts. 


The context of Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is based entirely on an original manga. Ken Kaneki (the protagonist of the series), is a normal college student who is gentle and passionate about reading. But due to an incident, Kaneki received a transplant from a cruel blood-eating demon, Rize Kamishiro - who was about to kill him before she was killed. From there, he struggles to live as half-demon / half-human. He must enter the demonic world, dealing with the enemy, and keeping his identity secret to others. 
Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War still possesses the basic elements of an ARPG game, which controls the character's movement with the virtual joystick and attacks with virtual keys that are integrated on screens. In addition, the background in Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is also designed to be extremely eye-catching in an anime style to help players easily immerse themselves in the plot.
In addition, the Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War also possesses an incredibly huge number of up to 50 people with familiar faces in the Tokyo Ghoul such as Ken Kaneki, Touka Kirishima, Rize Kamishiro, etc. Players can recruit them into the squad by completing day missions, overtaking or collecting rewards from challenging spots. In addition, each character can enhance their equipment, upgrade their skills to increase their strength, and help them beat more and more enemies. For more information, please go to
Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven
Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven was developed by the same people who created Asphalt Nitri and NOVA Legacy, but it has a very small size, just over 20MB of initial download. However, then the game will update more features meaning that the space required will also increase significantly.

Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven brings gamers an action RPG with real-time charisma. The game focuses on bringing players into the main storyline and some other exciting modes. One of the new things, however, is the Portal system that goes along the way, where players can face enemies in a different dimension.

In terms of graphics, Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven is somewhat similar to Dungeon Hunter 5 with stunning 3D graphics. But the difference here is that the game is not released as a free game - however, the price tag is pretty small. In addition, the game can be played easily without an internet connection.
The Room Two



Being a sequel of “The Room”, right from the beginning, The Room Two has received a lot of attention, and the fact is it is worth all expectations. 

In The Room Two game, you will pursue the trail of AS – an unknown scientist into a land of puzzles that need to be solved. 
With a user-friendly interface and clear instructions, you will find it easy to get started. However, to become a master is not a piece of cake. Each level will become more and more tricky in order to challenge your puzzle solving skills. 
Realistic 3D artifacts and locations will absolutely blow your mind. More interestingly, whenever you touch objects, you might feel its surface thanks to great touch controls and vibration system. 

Not only your visual but also auditory experience will be satisfied via the dynamic soundtrack. 

Being different from any other puzzle games, Framed will bring you a completely new experience. In the classic genre, all you need to do is to change coloured objects on a grid. With Framed, it is totally exclusive. Challenge yourself by rearranging comic-book panels to create a new ending of the story. Just use your finger to touch the screen and change the position of panels; however remember that it is “said easier than done”. How to use it correctly is quite a hard question. It’s time to plug in your headphones and enhance your mood with the game’s original jazz soundtrack. 

More information is available at Apk downloader site
Monument Valley



In Monument Valley, your mission is to guide a princess called Ida through an incredibly gorgeous world. 

Right at first glance, you will be stunned by the superb 3D design with many unique, wonderful temples and stunning palaces from all over the world. 

With an easy-to-understand storyline, you can play this game without any obstacles. What you need to do is reshape optical illusions and help Ida reach her destination. 
Relaxing sound makes everyone immerse themselves into the fairy world of the ancient atmosphere. It is highly recommended that you should use earphones for the best experience. 

Monument Valley helps sync your progress on all devices by saving on Cloud storage. You will not worry about all the levels that you have gone through. 

In addition, this app is compatible with phones and tablets on Android, Windows Phone and the iOS platform. 
Unny World 
Enter the world of UnnyWorld, you will play the alien characters which are designed in an extremely cute and funny way. Your spaceship is malfunctioning and you are reluctant to land on a planet. You have to find ways to protect this “new home” from the greedy neighbors by strengthening the defenses. You can buy monsters or arm yourself to fight against them. You can also build and upgrade defensive structures, hunt for resources, and search tombs, board ships and attack other planets to get extra supplies. 
Wrapping it up!

If you have not heard about or tried these games, just spend time enjoying them now. And keep in mind to download all at our store. Remember to visit our store where to free download on Top1apk site - free apk games and apps